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Lofoten is a place of contrasts. It’s a natural wonder with thriving local communities. It’s where mountains meet the sea, and where local businesses meet recreation. Lofoten’s distinctive magic lies in its ability to bring together everyday local life with a global interest in its natural beauty.

Lofoten’s untamed beauty

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Where is Lofoten, and how to travel here?

Lofoten Islands, in Northern Norway, have been voted by National Geographic as one of the most appealing destinations in the world. Located just above the Arctic Circle, at the 68th northern parallel, Lofoten basks in the ethereal Midnight Sun during summer and witnesses the magical Northern Lights from September to April.

Experience the Midnight Sun

Mountain safety

Lofoten is known for its majestic nature. And with it comes great responsibility. Learn more about safety in our mountains.

As a haven for epic summit adventures, we’re well-versed in traversing Lofoten’s majestic terrain on foot or skis. Sometimes, the allure of a mountain peak is almost irresistible. We understand the pull! But remember, it’s never too late to turn back. Safety should always come first in the pursuit of these tempting peaks.

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