Nature is beauty – Do your duty

A guide outlining what to do when “nature calls” while in Lofoten.

What to do when nature is calling – and there is no toilet nearby? That is a very human question, and probably a thought that has crossed almost everyone’s mind. This page seeks to help you solve this very problem, and perhaps give some guidance!

No toilets – only nature

Our first recommendation is a common one. Remember to visit the restroom and do your business before venturing into the wilderness. But stomachs and other organs can be hard to predict. So let’s first establish a few guidelines, adopted from “Lofoten Code of Conduct”, before talking about the specifics:

  • Plan your trip: And always use public toilets before you venture into the wilderness.
  • When planning an overnight hike, be prepared! Always bring toilet paper, hand sanitizer, a small shovel, and a plastic bag, preferably with a ziplock, for used paper, pads, and tampons.
  • Bring a Personal disposable toilet system, also called a toilet bag or Biffy Bag.
  • If you don’t have a toilet bag, this is what you do: Go far away from the trail. Move away from trails, campsites, rest areas, and other places where no one is likely others will go.
  • Find a spot well away from fresh water: Go at least 100 meters away from streams, rivers, or lakes where hikers fill their water bottles, fish, and swim. This is important to prevent contamination of streams or water.
  • Dig a hole in the ground or use the waste ocean: If you are in the forest and the ground is soft, you can dig a hole about 20 cm deep. When you are finished, cover it with soil, stones, moss, or twigs.
  • Leave no trace: Pack the used toilet paper in a plastic bag and bring it out with the other trash, until you can dispose of it. Nature takes two to four weeks, sometimes several months, to break down toilet paper. Avoid using wet wipes, as they take a long time to decompose.  It is also unpleasant for others to come across signs of your bathroom visit.

Toilet bag – a personal disposable toilet system

A Personal Disposable Toilet System, or “toilet bag”, is a portable sanitation solution designed for use in outdoor or wilderness settings where traditional toilet facilities are unavailable. These systems are particularly useful for camping, hiking, boating, and other outdoor activities. Toilet bags provide a convenient, hygienic, and environmentally friendly way to manage human waste.

Biffy Bags

The Biffy Bag brand personal disposable toilet system offers a fully functional toilet that can easily fit in the palm of your hand. Its compact design ensures that it can be conveniently carried in your purse, pocket, glove box, tackle box, or backpack. The unique comfort fit design allows for a natural sitting position, eliminating the need to carry around an extra bucket or commode.

Equipped with everything necessary for a sanitary, discreet, and comfortable experience, it truly lives up to its name as a “Biffy in a Jiffy.”

The Biffy Bag includes:

  • 3 layers of leak protection
  • The revolutionary Biffy Bag
  • An Odor Free zip top Transport Bag
  • One package of proprietary super absorbent Biffy Powder
  • An abundance of 2-ply Toilet Paper to complete the job
  • Over sized wipe, for freshening up when you are done
  • Peace of Mind knowing you have a sanitary place to go whenever nature calls

How to use the Biffy Bag?

  • Step 1: Unfold and open inner bag leaving foil bag attached. Empty contents of “Biffy Powder” into the inner bag.
  • Step 2: Pull perforated straps apart and tie in a bow secuerly around hops.
  • Step 3: Grab front of bag and pull underneath you forward and up. Bend knees slightly and heed nature’s call!
  • Step 4: After use, remove excess air and tie knot in center of bag. Stuff in foul bag and dispose in trash receptacle. Land fill approved!