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Lofoten has three airports and Norway’s only commercial helicopter route.

Flying here

The majority of travelers to Northern Norway choose to arrive by air, and there are multiple routes to do so. Starting in 2024, accessing Lofoten by air will be significantly easier. From May 16th until September 12th, you can connect to Lofoten (Harstad/Narvik Airport) from nearly any location worldwide with just one stop via Paris (Air France), Zürich (Edelweiss/SWISS) or Frankfurt (Discover Airlines/Lufthansa).

Harstad/Narvik Lufthavn (EVE)

More and more people choose to fly to Harstad/Narvik Airport (EVE), which is 170 km from Svolvær. And beginning in May 2024, Best Arctic provides an easy and weather-proof entrance to Lofoten with on their Artic Route airport transfer bus.

If you plan your flight Lofoten for the summer of 2024 (16 May – 12 Sep), try filter by 1x stop. From many destinations around the world, you can during this time-period fly to Lofoten with only one stop.


Widerøe offers direct flights from Oslo Airport Gardermoen and Bergen Airport during the summer season to Lofoten. Widerøe also offers several flights daily from Bodø (BOO) to Svolvær (SVJ) and Leknes (LKN). Widerøe have flights between Bodø and Røst (RET), they also have flights between Røst and Svolvær. For more information and to buy tickets, visit

SAS + Widerøe offer transfer options

SAS offers direct flights from Norway’s international airport, Oslo Gardermoen (OSL), to Bodø (BOO) and Tromsø.  From Bodø you may continue with Widerøe to Svolvær (SVJ) and  Leknes (LKN). From Tromsø you can also fly to Leknes and you may also fly from Bodø to Røst (RET).  You can buy one connecting ticket for the entire journey on either or

You may also choose between several daily direct flights from Oslo Gardermoen to Harstad/Narvik Airport Evenes (EVE), which is located 170 km from Svolvær. Widerøe is cooperating with SAS, KLM, Air France and Finnar, you can buy a connecting ticket starting from virtually anywhere worldwide.


The low-cost airline Norwegian,, offers direct daily flights from Oslo Gardermoen (OSL) to Bodø (BOO) and Harstad/Narvik Airport Evenes (EVE) year-round. In summertime, Norwegian have direct flights from Oslo to Andøya. Norwegian offers connecting tickets from many European cities. You can buy a combination trip with Norwegian and Widerøe`s flights to and from Lofoten. 

Helicopter to Værøy

Travel to Værøy (VRY) from Bodø! A really fun way to reach one of Norway’s most exotic islands. Order at Learn more about Værøy here.

If you wish to rent a smaller helicopter in Lofoten for various assignments, contact Heliteam.

Flight tips

The competition is tough, so check the airlines’ websites for cheap tickets. Summer tickets, winter tickets etc. are posted. The sooner you book, the greater the chance you have of getting something reasonable.

Fly from abroad

If you travel from outside Norway to Northern Norway, you usually have to visit Oslo if there is no direct routes to Harstad/Evenes Airport. Weekly, there are around 250 departures from Oslo Gardermoen (OSL) to Northern Norway, and Oslo has direct flights to around 100 cities abroad, so this often goes fast and smoothly.

There is a few direct flights from major cities in Europe to Tromsø. London, Zurich, Frankfurt, Munich, Stockholm and Copenhagen. More information here. 

Airports in the Oslo area

Note that there are more than one airport in the greater Oslo area. Almost all flights to Northern Norway go from Oslo Gardermoen (OSL). However, some low cost airlines operate flights from Sandefjord Airport Torp (TRF) located 167 km south of Oslo Airport Gardermoen. Check this out before ordering cheap tickets!

Be aware of that aviation is constantly changing. Therefore, look at this information as a guidance.

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