Accommodation in Lofoten

Whether you are looking for traditional fishermen’s cabins, hotels, camping in nature or cabins, Lofoten has a wide variety of accommodation options to suit every occasion.

One of the things that makes Lofoten so magical is the versatility of the archipelago – the unique groups of scattered islands. Lofoten offers memorable experiences – all year round and around the clock. A good night’s sleep is important for a successful holiday, but the accommodation is also a major part of the experience.

Fishermen’s cabins

Rorbu – an authentic paradise

As fish is and has always been one of Norway’s most important tradegoods, “The rorbu” is at the heart of the history of Lofoten. Wherever you travel along the coast in Lofoten, you will be able to experience these iconic fishermen’s cabins.

Are you looking for a basic or more modern place to stay? Click here to find a rorbu (fishermen’s cabin) that suits you, with exciting activities and nature right on your doorstep. Read more about Lofoten’s unique fishermen’s cabins.


Hotels – Lofoten’s most comfortable accommodation

Hotels are perhaps the most comfortable accommodation option in Lofoten. Experience the beautiful nature in combination with service and wellbeing at a hotel, and explore Lofoten’s most popular places. Click here to find the hotel that suits your trip.


Camping in Lofoten

Camping is one of the most popular accommodation options in Lofoten. The freedom of moving around and staying in different places over a longer period is a unique and wonderful type of luxury. This luxury is enhanced by sleeping outside. You can’t get closer to nature than that. The areas for camping are both many and exotic. Among other things, you can sleep in the immediate vicinity of some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Click on the image beneath for an overview of where you can camp in Lofoten.

Some of Lofoten’s nicest cabins and apartments

Many beautiful cabins and apartments are available to rent in Lofoten. The cabins are modern and all have exceptional locations near mountains, the sea and unlimited wilderness areas. Renting a cabin or apartment is an excellent option for the whole family or a group of friends. The cabins have fully equipped kitchens, private bathrooms and offer space for privacy.

Click on the image below to browse through some of the nicest cabins and apartments Lofoten has to offer.

Sleep with a good conscience:

Several of the places to stay in Lofoten are environmentally certified. This means that they satisfy strict requirements for environmentally friendly operation, including with respect to waste management, wastewater, water, choice of suppliers and energy consumption.

The accommodation options that are environmentally certified are marked with the “Travel green” symbol. This means that they have gained an official environmental certification (Environmental Lighthouse, Green Key, Miljøgodkjent arrangement (environmentally approved event), the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, ISO 14001 or Norwegian ecotourism). You will find them here.

Other accommodation options in Lofoten:

Coworking and coliving – a flexible working lifestyle

There is no doubt that the flexible working lifestyle has come to stay. The Covid pandemic has shown us that it’s entirely possible to be productive and effective without being at the office. Many people even believe that working from places other than the office increases the quality of work. Why not work from Lofoten?

At Hovedkontoret (the head office) in Skrova and Arctic Coworking Lodge in Tangstad, you will discover superb working conditions where you can let your creativity flow in a social community. Read more about the options for a flexible working lifestyle in Lofoten.

Lighthouse holiday

Skrova lighthouse is situated on an islet in the middle of the sea just a 10-minute boat ride from Svolvær. On this idyllic island, you will find a lighthouse with eight bedrooms and a restaurant. Skrova lighthouse is the perfect place if you want to escape all the hustle, bustle and noise of the world. With an art studio and workshop, the lighthouse has everything an artist needs to kickstart the creative process.

Arriving by boat? No problem – we have several guest marinas

Don’t be afraid if you wish to arrive in Lofoten by boat. The Lofoten Sea is one of the archipelago’s strongest qualities and everyone who visits here should experience Lofoten from the sea. From Røst in the west to Digermulen in the east, you will find a wide range of guest marinas that cover every need. All the guest marinas offer access to power – and to magnificent nature. Click here to check out our list of guest marinas and facilities.