Online booking terms

Destination Lofoten is responsible for you as a customer when you book your Lofoten adventure with us through our online booking system.

Destination Lofoten AS (Ltd)

Destination Lofoten is responsible for you as a customer when you book your Lofoten adventure with us. We will make sure that you are given the necessary information prior to your visit, and will contact you in the event of any substantial changes that may occur with regard to your order. Should you need to contact us prior to, or during, your trip, we will be available Monday to Friday from 9 am to 3 pm, except national holidays.

We can be contacted by telephone (+47) 76 06 98 00 or e-mail 


Your reservation is confirmed when you receive a confirmation complete with a reservation number. We recommend all of our customers to print out or show the confirmation digitally on arrival. You must be at least 18 years of age to book/enter into an agreement with Destination Lofoten AS.

Payment and Security

Payment shall be made at the same time as your reservation. Destination Lofoten AS is responsible for the transaction itself and for ensuring that the correct sum is withdrawn from your account. We will contact you in the event of any problems with your credit cards. If we are unable to contact you, your reservation will be cancelled. All personal information is submitted to an encrypted page (SSL 128 bit) where you can safely provide information about yourself and your credit card.

Only Destination Lofoten AS, together with the supplier of the product you have booked in Lofoten, will have access to your name and contact details. 

Cancellations/Changes made by you

For changes regarding your booking or cancellation, please contact Destination Lofoten.

Bookings via website: Cancellation of individual products is subject to a cancellation fee and cancellation rules set by the supplier. Please be aware of these when booking.

Bookings at the tourist office: Cancellation of individual products can be made within 48 hours before arrival for a full refund if the booking is made through the tourist office.

When booking packages:
On cancellations made 15 or more days prior to the date in question, you will receive a 100% refund. On cancellations made 14 to 2 days prior to the date in question, you will receive a 50% refund. On cancellations made 1 day or less prior to the date in question, no refund will be payable. Any changes made by you are regarded as cancellations.Some of our subcontractors and associates require that other terms of cancellation be met in addition to ours. This applies in particular to the reservation of flights and hire cars. In such cases you will be informed of these regulations when you book.

Insurance/Cancellation Coverage

We recommend all our customers to make sure they have satisfactory insurance coverage before setting off, including illness, luggage, accident, liability, etc.

Destination Lofoten AS (Ltd) offers cancellation coverage for NOK 250 per reservation. This insurance can be taken out when you make your reservation, but only applies to unforeseen events (illness, accident, etc.) that require you to cancel what you have booked through us 14 days or less prior to the date in question. Such cancellations must be made as soon as possible. If you have paid for our cancellation coverage and can submit a doctor’s certificate or other verification from the relevant authorities confirming what has happened, we will refund 100% of the sum you have paid to us. Cancellation coverage does not apply to air travel.

Our subcontractors

We are responsible for ensuring that our subcontractors receive payment for what you have booked through us. Our subcontractors are responsible for their respective parts of your itinerary, including comprehensive insurance, permissions, equipment, personnel, etc, in accordance with the laws and regulations governing the activities of the subcontractor.

Cancellations/Substantial changes made by us

Cancellations/substantial changes may occur in the event of

  • circumstances we, or our subcontractors, have no control over, for instance weather, breakdown, labour conflicts, etc
  • terms not being met, e.g. that the requirement of a minimum number of participants has not been fulfilled, etc

Should such cancellation/substantial changes occur, and you refuse to accept any alternatives you may be offered on location, then we will refund you 100%

In order to give you the best possible experience, however, we reserve the right to make minor adjustments to the content of trips. Such adjustments may occur due to weather or ground conditions.

Reisegarantifondet (Tour Guarantee Fund)

Destination Lofoten AS (Ltd) is bound by a statutory warranty providing you, the buyer of a package tour, with a guarantee in accordance with the Norwegian Package Tour Act. For further details, please refer to:


Should you fall victim to errors or discrepancies during your stay in relation to the travel documents you have received, and the circumstances cannot be rectified there and then, please write to Destination Lofoten AS (Ltd) as soon as possible. Should we fail to reach agreement, you are at liberty to contact the Package Tour Complaints Board (Reklamasjonsnemnda for Selskapsreiser), P.O. Box 2924 Solli, 0230 Oslo. For further details, please refer to:

We wish you a warm welcome to the Lofoten Islands and hope that you will have a memorable stay!