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Activities and experiences

Lofoten offers world-class experiences and activities all year round

History and art

Lofoten is made up of fish. You can find many beautiful museums that tell Lofoten’s fishing history. A trip to Lofoten is also an exploration of art, both past and present, all with the power of nature.


In Lofoten you will find several different nature attractions, galleries and museums. You can visit the Lofotr Viking Museum, the Lofoten Aquarium or stop at one of the many sculptures of Skulpturlandskap Nordland.

Attractions in Lofoten

Events and Festivals

Lofoten offers everything from modern music festivals, with bla. Jazz, pop, opera or chamber music on the program for various cultural expressions such as yoga, Viking culture, photography, theatre and food. Or how about trying to become world champion during the World Cup in Skreifiske.


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