Things to see and do in Lofoten

From east to west in Lofoten, you will find a unique variety of activities. Photo: Tomasz Furmanek.

Activities and experiences

The Lofoten Islands are connected like pearls on a string with plenty of things to do, see and explore. We have 4 seasons in Norway, generally speaking. And in Lofoten, the contrasts between the seasons make for some truly unique experiences, all year round.

Highlights this summer!

World-Class in a Unique Landscape!

Lofoten is unique even for Norwegians. With steep, tall mountains that shoot straight up from a salty, turquoise colored ocean. The rapid changes in weather make you feel alive, a reason perhaps, for why the locals are so warm and humble. Here, you will find a stunning scene when you arrive: Natural, green, blue and epic – a perfect back drop for any activity.

Popular activities often mentioned by travelers include hiking, skiing, ski touring, climbing, fishing, diving, snorkeling, kayaking, surfing and photo safaris.

View to Unstad

History and art

Lofoten is, and has been for centuries, a place: where artists find endless inspiration from the surroundings. A reason perhaps for all the history and art experiences here. A trip to Lofoten is an exploration of art, both in the past and the present – all sprung out from the raw power of nature.

Lofotr Viking

Art and cultural heritage to be proud of

Craftsmen and -women from many disciplines reside in Lofoten. They create and sell beautiful art and related products that have their hard work and soul embedded in them. We have artisans such as of painters, hand-made wool producers, wood carvers, glassblowers, ceramicists and more.

The art scene: You will find a variety of art from artists who find inspiration from the majestic nature of Lofoten. Henningsvær is popular among art lovers with galleries such as Galleri Lofoten and KaviarFactory. Lofoten Art Galleries is a network for artisans with thirteen local galleries.

Attractions in Lofoten

In Lofoten you will find several different nature attractions, galleries, churches and museums. You can visit the Lofotr Viking Museum, the Lofoten Aquarium or stop at one of the many sculptures of Skulpturlandskap Nordland.

Natural and man-made cultural explorations

New and old attractions in Lofoten are well kept and offer rich experiences for anyone interested. Let us name a few:

  • Beaches: Some of the worlds most beautiful beaches are located in Lofoten, with white sand, awe-inspiring mountains, and clear, clean ocean. Here’s a few of them: Kvalvika beach, Haukland beach, Uttakleiv beach, Ytresand beach, Ramberg beach, Unstad beach and Skagsanden Beach.
  • Hiking: Plenty of magnificent hiking trails can be found in Lofoten. There are many difficulty levels and various scenes. Here are 10 popular hikes.
  • Museums & churches: There are several museums and churches to explore in Lofoten, which has a historic area with archaeological roots going back 8000.
Sculptures in Lofoten

Food experiences in Lofoten

Lofoten is high on the list for many when it comes to seafood experiences. It´s natural given the geographical location. However, there´s plenty of land-based food and beverage to be explored as well. With many established eateries, Lofoten offers a wide variety of exceptional food experiences.

Accommodation in Sørvågen

Culinary exploration in Lofoten

Food has come a long way in Lofoten over the years. The region has for centuries been a huge stockfish exporter and is now experiencing an interest in other local food, such as the Lofotlam (local lamb).

  • Stockfish from Lofoten and Lofotlam: Globally renowned and has gained European protected geographic indication status (PGI), on par with Champaigne and Parma Ham.
  • Sourced locally: Restaurants and culinary artisans in Lofoten have a focus on sourcing local food.
  • Seafood: If you have not experienced fresh seafood, Lofoten is the place to be. With the ocean so close, you are guaranteed fresh produce that is caught following the seasons.

Events and Festivals in Lofoten

Lofoten offers everything from modern music festivals, with bla. Jazz, pop, opera or chamber music on the program for various cultural expressions such as yoga, Viking culture, photography, theatre and food. Or how about trying to become world champion during the World Cup in Skreifiske.

Meet people and have some fun!

The festival scene has been growing in Norway over the last years, and Lofoten is no exception. Find your festival or event and join the fun!

Events and happenings in Lofoten consists of sports events such as the Skrei World Championship, the theatre scene, art exhibitions, various concerts, and culinary experiences.