Diving and Snorkeling in Lofoten

Lofoten is a world-renowned place for its unique myriad of sea life.

Discover a New Underwater World

With the Gulf Stream nearby, the water is often warmer than expected at this latitude. It´s a place for exploring the Arctic underwater world.

Experience the Arctic fauna and flora of Lofoten!

Snorkeling or diving are activities that’s perfect for all ages and does not require tons of experience.

“Lofoten Diving” and “Lofoten Opplevelser” offer local guided tours in both Ballstad and Henningsvær. You can experience trips close to the shore or further out by boat. There´s a good chance you´ll see saithe, mackerel, sea anemones, jellyfish, and crabs, among others. These experiences are just as suitable for beginners as for experienced divers. Especially the program from Lofoten Diving that´s tailored for beginners. Then everyone can participate in diving, no matter their exaperience level.

The Arctic water is cold, but with the suit on, and your body in the water, you will feel warmth and freedom. While at the same time experience Lofoten’s underwater world up close.

Things to learn before snorkeling or diving in Lofoten

Snorkeling in Lofoten is a safe activity that can be done all year round and fits all ages and skill levels. It´s a perfect activity for children or the whole family who want to explore and learn more about the underwater world. It´s also great for a group of friends. During summer, from July to August, the ocean is at its richest flora with the most wildlife activity. And with around 20 meters of visibility, the conditions are absolutely perfect. The temperature of the water varies between 10-16 °C. Equipment, such as wet and dry suits, can be rented at Lofoten Opplevelser and Lofoten Diving.

Suggestions and recommendations

Snorkeling and diving is an activity that is perfect for all ages and does not require much experience. Dry suit is commonly used in the winter season (you can also use a wet suite if you want to dive deeper), while wet suit is used in the summer. Before you book your experience, be aware that you might prepare a few items as per below:

  • Bring wool underwear in case it is needed under a dry suit
  • Bring extra contact lenses if you wear them, or bring your glasses
  • You need to be able to swim and feel confident in the water
  • Diving or snorkeling is not recommended if you have major health challenges or if you are pregnant (think activity in relation to your ability)