Tips for families

Lofoten boasts a whole host of exciting family activities. Children love to explore, discover, play and learn here. See below for a list of family-friendly activities.

Lofotr Viking Museum

Travel a thousand years back in time at the Viking Museum, and find out how the Vikings lived in Lofoten. Row a Viking ship, fire a bow and arrow, watch the blacksmith in his forge and eat Viking food.


Lofoten Aquarium

Feeding time for the seals and otters is a real highlight at the Lofoten Aquarium, but you can also learn all about Arctic Cod and the other fish that live in the seas around Lofoten.

Hov Gård

Horse-riding on Icelandic horses

Horse-riding trips along Lofoten’s chalk-white beaches have become an extremely popular family activity, with options for both long and short excursions.


A day on the farm

Kids love farms. Come and meet the animals, then have lunch in the farm cafe and enjoy the taste of local cheeses and herbs from the herb garden.


Play on chalk-white sandy beaches

Lofoten boasts a large number of incredible beaches that are perfect for play and exploration. Some of our favourites are: Bunesstranda, Rambergstranda, Hauklandstranda, Uttakleiv, Hovstranda, Rørvikstranda and Kallestranda.

Lofoten Links

Golf fun

Unforgettable fun for friends an families of all ages. This experience is suitable for those who have never tried golf before and for more experienced golfers. You get an instruction on the training field and get to play on some selected holes on the course itself with our instructor. Have fun and learn about golf at the same time!


Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) and surfing

SUP is an activity that is becoming increasingly popular and is perfect for kids on calm summer days. Or try surfing at one of Norway’s most famous surf spots, Unstad. Great for kids to test their surfing skills.

World Sea Explorer

Fishing trips

“A real Lofoten cod am I, for I was born in Henningsvær…” Fishing for Lofoten cod is a must when you are in Lofoten.

Go hiking in the countryside

Lofoten has a host of easy, family-friendly trails where you can explore nature among the mountains and fjords.

Lofoten Diving

Snorkelling and Diving

Anyone who likes the water will love snorkelling and observing life beneath the surface.

Lofoten Beach Camp


Lofoten is perfect for camping. There are many organized campsites with good facilities and beautiful view from the cottage or the tent.

LAG - alle gallerier - husk fotocred Dan Mariner

Art and galleries

Children often find art exciting and fascinating. There are many wonderful galleries in Lofoten.


Canoeing or kayaking

Canoeing or kayaking is an exciting and fun activity for children. Remember life jackets for the whole family! Several operators are offering kayaking for beginners and experts.