Ferries and boats to Lofoten

You can travel to the Lofoten Islands by ferry and express boats from the north and south. Here you will find an overview of the ferry, and boat offers available to Lofoten.

Travel to Lofoten by ferry, express boat or cruise ship

Let’s first check out the ferry connections to Lofoten, followed by express boat or cruise connections. We decided to use Google Maps on this page so it’s easier for you to navigate if you’re on a phone. Go to this page to further explore the timetables and prices.

Bodø – Moskenes

The quickest ferry ride from Bodø to Lofoten is the direct ferry to Moskenes. It takes about 3,5 hours. You can bring your vehicle or travel by foot.

Bodø – Røst – Værøy – Moskenes

You can also reach Lofoten via Røst and Værøy. This trip takes about 7 hours. If you want to stay on Røst or Værøy to explore, you have to check out the timetables for when the next ferry comes. This varies between winter and summer season, and the ferry does not arrive every day. Plan a head!

Bognes – Lødingen

If you’re driving up to Lofoten from the south of Norway, this is the most common ferry to take. When you arrive in Bognes, keep to your left towards Løding (E10). If you drive straight on, you’ll end up on the ferry towards Narvik (E6).

Skutvik – Skrova – Svolvær

This ferry only operates during the summer season, from 01 June – 31 August. The ferry stops at Skrova, but it’s not easy to park your car there. It’s recommended to stay on until you reach Svolvær. In Svolvær, you can park your car (for a fee), then travel with the same ferry back to Skrova to explore Lofoten’s Hawaii!

Melbu – Fiskebøl

You can drive all the way to Lofoten from Vesterålen, but you can also take the more relaxed route with the ferry from Melbu to Fiskebøl.

Express Boat: Stokmarknes – Kaljord – Hanøy

The express boat can also be boarded in Kaljord. This route is only available by foot and needs to be combined with local bus routes.

Express Boat: Bodø – Svolvær (NEX 2)

From Bodø, you can also board the express boat that will take you a cross Vestfjorden via several other stops to Solvær. Other stops a long the route includes; Helnessund, Nordskot, Bogøy, Skutvik, and Skrova.

Cruise Ships

There are cruise ships visiting Lofoten that arrives at various harbours, including Reine, Stamsund, Leknes and Svolvær. And there a few port-to-port routes that might interest you. Check out the port-to-port connection between Stamsund and Svolvær with Havila or Hurtigruten, or between Stokmarknes and Svolvær here.