Visit Lofoten this summer with the one you love

The best reasons to bring the one you love to Lofoten this summer!

Lofoten is often described as the most beautiful archipelago in Norway. There are good reasons why many people place Lofoten on top of their list when they are asked where they want to go on holiday with the one they love; whether it’s your boy or girlfriend, fiancé or on a honeymoon.

Lofoten offers an abundance of opportunities and it is no surprise that Lofoten has been voted the most romantic place in Norway. You might find rose petals on your bed, and you will have experiences enhanced by the midnight sun and the spectacular nature! Here are our best suggestions for the holiday of a lifetime in Lofoten. 

Stay in the middle of spectacular nature 

All of Lofoten is raw nature, with plenty of highlights. Wherever you decide to stay for the night, the nature in Lofoten will always be close by. Whether you stay in a warm and cosy rorbu (fisherman’s cabin) or in a hip hotel room, the sea and the view will always be near you and make an impression that you never forget. 

Tasty food and «hygge»

Lofoten is a rich pantry, and the arctic nature here has been an attraction for chefs and food enthusiasts for a long time. Here you find local specialities such as Lofotlam (Lofoten Lamb), Skrei (arctic cod) and Stockfish. Lofoten is teeming with unique culinary experiences set in a world famous environment. Maybe you will find something extra special this year?

A world full of new moments and experiences!

Lofoten is one of the best playgrounds in the world. You will have plenty of experiences and it is easy to find something new and exciting that you can do together. There are few other places in the world where you find so many activities in one place. If it is your first visit to the islands or you share the same passion, Lofoten will create moments to remember for life.

The Midnight Sun

The most beautiful islands in Norway shine 24 hours a day! The midnight sun brings an enhancement to the experience of the islands as if Lofoten were not spectacular enough already. There are few other places in the world where this phenomenon will stay with you in quite the same way as it does in Lofoten.

Lofotspa – Sauna and spa

In Lofoten, it is easy to find peace. We have our own version of the spa, and Lofoten spa has nature and the sea in the centre. Jump in the sea and enjoy the hot tub or a sauna. Nothing makes a better start or finish to your day.

Discover the art and culture

Lofoten is full of museums, galleries, art exhibitions, and handcraft. Nature and the coastal culture have inspired and attracted creative souls for centuries. Here you find everything from the biggest Viking house in the world to international art exhibitions.

Not far

Lofoten is nearer than you think! If you fly to Evenes, Bodø, or directly to one of our 3 local airports, you can leave from Oslo or Bergen after breakfast and have lunch in Lofoten.  There are daily departures to most of the airports and new this year is the airport express bus from Evenes!