Summer in Lofoten

Midnight Sun, humble people, epic nature, fascinating art, culture and food.

Summer in Lofoten is azure beaches, irreducible mountainsides, and a sun that never sets. The landscape invites you to frolic and have fun in its wild and beautiful scenery!

The mountain Håen on Værøy towards Måstadvika

Lovely Lofoten!

Experience the Midnight Sun, incredible nature, warm people, great restaurants, local produce and cafés, golf, farms, museums and galleries. There are so many experiences to choose from!

Whether it’s sunny, blue sky or fog, Lofoten stays the same. The weather doesn’t depend on Lofoten – it depends on your clothes. The weather changes so fast that you have to prepare correctly. In Lofoten and in Norway generally, people say: There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes.

Come alive

Be active, be lazy, experience a vibrant life, or quiet wandering. Be who you are and use all your senses. Hear the sound of roaring flocks, puffins, and razorbills. Take in the smell of fresh produce from the sea, soil, or from stockfish drying at the fish farms. Feel the freedom as the wind strokes your hair on a boat deck while surfing the waves or kayaking.

The Midnight Sun

The light in Lofoten is remarkable and one of the many reasons photographers love to come here all year round. The contrasts are awe-inspiring, and one of the contrasting periods most loved by locals is sometime between 28 May and 14 July – when the sun never sets.

Climb with a guide on Svolværgeita


See sculptures set out in nature between steep mountains and long white sandy beaches. Here we do not even look at our watch. You can try your hand at climbing, dive or SUP in the early hours of the morning or just sit on a rock in the middle of the night and follow the eagle sailing under the roof of heaven. Lust is here around the clock, and sleep can wait. Summer in Lofoten – a place for activity and relaxation.