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Lofoten is forever changing, the lights, the seasons, the places and the local culture can be very different throughout the archipelago. On this paged you will find tips and information on how to make your Lofoten experience unique.

Travel to Lofoten

There are many ways to travel to Lofoten. This paged gives you an overview of boat, ferries, flights and land options.  

Make your Lofoten experience

Lofoten is remarkable and the nature is breath-taking. In Lofoten the accommodation can certainly be a part of how your experience nature and the list of activities is astonishing. Make your Lofoten adventure your own.

Tourist Information in Lofoten

OPENING HOURS TOURIST INFORMATION Lofoten. All tourist information provide information about the Lofoten Islands, from the east to the west.

Do you want to be a responsible visitor?

Here is good advice on how you as a guest can contribute to maintaining Lofoten’s attractiveness and avoiding negative burdens. Tread carefully, and let those who come after you have equally good experiences!

Lofoten for You

Whether you travel with family, friends, girlfriend or to cultivate your passion, you will find an overview of Lofoten’s travel guides here.

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