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Lofoten is forever changing, the lights, the seasons, the places and the local culture can be very different throughout the archipelago. Plan your trip here! On this page you will find tips and information on how to make your Lofoten experience unique.

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Before booking your trip, make sure you’re prepared for the journey itself! With new transportation options emerging, checking both how to get to Lofoten and how to travel within the islands is essential. Explore the links below to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey.

Some further preparations are in order

Traveling to a new destination is exciting, but preparation enhances your experience. Before visiting Lofoten, we encourage you to explore our website’s resources. Discover local customs, delve into diverse regions within Lofoten, and understand nearby areas for potential side trips. This knowledge will help you to navigate Lofoten better. Below are some recommended resources.

Tourist information in Lofoten

When you are in Lofoten, and perhaps in need of some help, then why not go beyond our website and visit one of the many Tourist Information offices here? Talking to a local expert in person will give you extra comfort and help in your quest for information. You’ll find these offices in Svolvær, Leknes, Ramberg, Reine, Værøy, and Røst.

Lofoten for YOU

Whether you travel with family, friends, your partner or to cultivate your passion, you can find some recommended resources here.