Winter in Lofoten

Fishing in Lofoten (Lofotfiske), Atlantic cod, the Northern Lights, Ski Touring and winter colours. Winter in Lofoten is exciting. The Northern Lights flare across the sky, you can enjoy “the blue hours” and fishermen are taking part in one of the world’s biggest cod-fishing events.

Color time and northern lights in Lofoten

Winter colours! Lofoten in its winter costume displays a palette of deep reds and blues until after the New Year when it changes to the clearest pastel colours you could imagine. The sun dips below the horizon creating colours the likes of which will not be seen at any other time of the year making this an extra special time.

Magical colors and light

Short days mean that you have a good chance of seeing the Northern Lights. Sometimes they show themselves as a veil of warm green tones, while at other times they flare across the sky as a colour inferno that goes from white to a reddish-purple. Suddenly they’re there, and just as suddenly they might disappear – a natural firework display.


From January to April, the skrei (cod) arrive from the Barents Sea to mate in Vestfjord, while fishermen from all along the coast equip themselves in the fishing villages in order to take part in the annual Lofotfiske.

An arctic natural event you have to experience

During these months, chefs prepare food using top-quality raw foodstuffs. Restaurants serve atlantic cod, fried cod tongues and cod neck marinated in red wine. It’s time for a feast in Lofoten! Perhaps you would like to take part in the annual World Championship in Cod Fishing that is held every year in March?

Winter activities in Lofoten

Join in a snowshoe trek, a guided ski tour, or a circle dance at the home of a Norse chieftain in Borg. Perhaps a trip to the beautiful Trollfjord or an eagle safari sounds tempting? Or will you test yourself on one of the world’s best surfing beaches?