Places to go

Lofoten is not either or, but both and. Mountains and sea. District and metropolis, both industry and recreation. Get to know which places to go on your Lofoten stay here.

Get to know Lofoten

Are you wondering which places to go on your Lofoten stay? In Lofoten you will find six municipalities and many nice destinations and hometowns.


Far out west from the mainland, in the middle of the sea, lies the archipelago of Røst. Learn more here.


Steep mountains, rich bird life and long fishing history are some of the things you can experience at Værøy. Learn more here.


Lofoten’s most dramatic landscape and perhaps Norway’s most photographed area. Learn more here.


Here you will find activities on land or sea. Want to surf or immerse yourself in art and culture? Learn more here.


Here you will find Lofoten’s largest fishing village, great hiking areas and a well-developed range of services. Learn more here.


Consists of Austvågøy and Gimsøy and offers good cultural and accommodation facilities. Here you will find history dating back to the year 8000 BC. Learn more here.

Learn more about Lofoten’s island groups

The National Park in Lofoten