Midnight Sun in Lofoten

– eternal summer in the world’s most beautiful nature

One of the most wonderful and unique things about Lofoten is the light, and for a brief period each year the Midnight Sun transforms Lofoten into nothing but light, light and even more light.

Midnight sun in Lofoten

Some things simply are like they are. Water is wet, spring will eventually replace winter and day comes after night. Everyone knows that.

Consequently, there is something surreal, almost magical, about the concept of a place where the sun does not set; a place where the day simply continues, even though the clock on the wall and your biological clock try to convince you otherwise.

You can experience this never-ending summer’s day in Northern Norway. If you want to experience the Midnight Sun at its most beautiful, it’s hard to imagine a better place than over the pointed mountain peaks and deep fjords in Lofoten.

Why do we get the Midnight Sun?

Copernicus taught us that the earth orbits the sun. The claim that “the sun does not set” is a bit misleading because the sun does not move much at all. It’s the Earth that moves – around both the sun and its own axis. As the Earth spins with a tilt of around 23.5 degrees, the polar regions both have an annual period of constant sunlight – and of constant darkness.

The darkness can be wonderful too. For instance, it’s a prerequisite for experiencing the magical Northern Lights.

However, the Midnight Sun is more useful for human photosynthesis and, as Lofoten is located within the exotic border of the Arctic Circle, the scenic Lofoten islands offer summer nights you will remember for the rest of your life.

When can you see the Midnight Sun in Lofoten?

As Lofoten is located relatively close to the Arctic Circle, it’s not among the places with the longest Midnight Sun season. If you want to see the Midnight Sun in Lofoten, you should travel here sometime between 28 May and 14 July.

Where are the best places in Lofoten to see the Midnight Sun?

Seeing the Midnight Sun is a wonderful experience regardless of where you see it from. However, there are many ways to make a special experience even more special.

A favourite activity for many is climbing one of many majestic mountain peaks in Lofoten under the golden rays of the Midnight Sun.

If you are reasonably fit, the mountain peaks Hoven at Gimsøy and Åndhammarn at Røst can be something for you. You will be rewarded with the most amazing views of the.

For the more experienced mountain climbers, we recommend hiking Himmeltinden at Vestvågøya or Reinebringen at Moskenesøya. Although the hike is a bit more demanding, the view is unlike anything you have seen before.

If you prefer life at sea level, there are plenty of beautiful places to see the Midnight Sun without climbing a single metre. The beaches on the island of Gimsøy are wonderful spots to enjoy life into the bright night hours. The same goes for Uttakleiv beach on Vestvågøy, the charming village Unstad, where you can also surf, and the fishing villages Eggum and Laukvika.

Cool things to do in the Midnight Sun

One thing is seeing the Midnight Sun, another is experiencing it. If you want to make your trip completely unforgettable, we can suggest activities to achieve that.

Lucky Luke is known for riding into the sunset. Here in Lofoten, you can experience riding into both the sunset and the sunrise – at the same time. The farm Hov Gård on the island of Gimsøy offers Midnight Sun horseback riding trips, which are also suitable for people who unfortunately are not faster than their own shadow.

There are also several ways to experience the Midnight Sun from the water. If you want to fulfil your dream of landing the big cod in the rays of the Midnight Sun, several companies offer midnight fishing trips. World Sea Explorers and Go2Lofoten both offer trips from Svolvær. If you are more a fan of oars than fishing rods, you can go on a kayaking trip from Svolvær, Henningsvær, Eggum or Ballstad.

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