Autumn in Lofoten

Experience the yearly food festival, hiking, and a blood-red morning sun. Lofoten offers local produce, a friendly host, and immersive nature experiences in magnificent surroundings.

Lofoten intensifies in autumn. The fishermen prepare dried fish for export, herders guide sheep down from the mountains, and restaurants serve fresh Lofotlam. The mountain sides stretch far up with warm autumn colors, as if nature itself prepares for the coming days.

Autumn in Lofoten offers fantastic food experiences

The food festival begins every September and offers a variety of exciting things from local food producers. You can experience a diversity of cultural experiences or take a trip outside when the storm rages as nature’s forces act out. Learn about the world of the Vikings, fish farmers, and the island life out in the sea from early times. Autumn is the best time for mountain walks and bike trips to look at the beautiful autumn colors. At this time, you can also experience the northern lights while there is still green on the ground and warmth in the air. Perhaps autumn is just the time to reap good experiences in raw Lofoten nature?