Drone guide

Here are the new rules and guidelines for using a drone under 25 kg valid from January 2021. 

Main rules for flying drones

  1. Register and take the exam at flydrone.no
  2. Keep your drone in sight at all times
  3. Keep at least 5 km distance from airports and never fly near accident areas.
  4. Always fly less than 120 meters from the ground in all directions and observe applicable safety distances – i.e., 120 meters from the nearest physical point that’s below the drone.
  5. The drone should always be at least 50 meters away from people.
  6. Submit NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) to Avinor if you are unsure whether you can fly the drone in a given terrain. More info here (in Norwegian only). You can check other people’s NOTAM notifications here.
  7. Don’t fly drones in protected areas. Check prohibited areas in the map from “Miljødirektoratet” here – or use this specific map for Lofoten.
  8. Respect other people’s privacy and follow the GDPR rules when taking photos or videos of others, see datatilsynet.no for more info.

Learn more about the rules and guidelines for using your drone safely here.

There are separate rules and guidelines for drones used for commercial work.

Use of drones are prohibited in conservation areas

  • All bird and animal life is protected against disturbance wherever.
  • In addition, droneplay may also disturb other outdoor enthusiasts.
  • In many conservation areas and in Lofotodden national park, drone use is prohibited.
  • The County governor has made an information film about use of drones.
  • Read more about this on the County governor’s website.

Info posters from Luftfartstilsynet: