Travel With Friends

Climb with a guide on Svolværgeita

The day literally never stops in the summer in Lofoten

With 24 hours of light, summer is the perfect time to experience new activities with your friends. Join the fun in Lofoten.

Lofoten is one of the most beautiful places in Norway. World famous nature with spectacular mountains, beautiful fjords, breath-taking beaches and trendy fishing villages.

In Lofoten, you can have a good time with your friends and enjoy activities together. There are few other places where you can enjoy so many different nature experiences in the same day. And the day never ends!

Stay together in raw nature

All of Lofoten is raw nature, with plenty of highlights. Wherever you stay in Lofoten, nature will always be close by. If you all stay together in one rorbu (fisherman’s cabin) or in a hip hotel room, you will always find experiences right outside your door that you will never forget. All of Lofoten is simply «activity–in–activity–out».

Activity and enjoyment

In Lofoten, you are likely to be very active and after an active day, you may want to enjoy some relaxation. Lofotspa is the perfect start or end of an active day. Jump in the sea and enjoy a hot tub or a sauna in good company. And maybe get something to eat and drink. Remember, the night is yours.

Tasty food and “hygge”

Lofoten is a rich pantry, and the northern Norwegian nature has been an attraction for chefs and food enthusiasts for a long time. Here you find local specialities such as Lofotlam, Skrei and Stockfish. Lofoten is teeming with unique culinary experiences in world famous surroundings. Maybe you will find something extra special this year?

Not far

Lofoten is nearer than you think! If you fly to Evenes, Bodø or directly to one of our 3 local airports, you can leave from Oslo or Bergen after breakfast and have lunch in Lofoten.  There are daily departures to most of the airports and new this year is the airport express bus from Evenes!