Beaches in Lofoten

Lofoten has some of Norway’s and maybe the world’s most beautiful beaches. Surrounded by mountains and fjords and the azure blue sea, these chalk white beaches are the perfect places for lazy summer days.

The nature in Lofoten is spectacular!

Most people who visit do not expect to find world-class beaches between mountains and fjords. What about a refreshing swim?

Here are a few of our favourite beaches in Lofoten:

Haukland beach

Haukland beach is in the middle of Lofoten, on the north side of the island Vestvågøy, only a 10 minutes’ drive from Leknes. This beach has been elected the most beautiful beach in Norway and it is perfect for families since you can park right by the beach. From here you can take a walk along the old road around the mountain to get to Uttakleiv, where you find another beautiful beach. On the way back, you can follow the old road over the mountain pass and maybe walk up to the mountain Mannen. From here you get a fantastic view over Haukland beach and a panorama view over Lofoten.

Uttakleiv beach

At Uttakleiv on the north side of Vestvågøy, you find a beach with a combination of sand and large pebble stones. From this beach, you can see the midnight sun in the summer and the northern lights in the winter. From Uttakleiv you can walk to the mountain Mannen or climb up to Himmeltinden. The village is owned by local farmers who are responsible for facilities for the visitors, so you need to pay for the parking and the services in the area.

Hov beach

Hov beach is on the island Gimsøy near Lofoten Links, which is a famous 18 hole golf course that was nominated as the world’s best new golf course in 2015. Right by the beach, at Hov Gård, you can rent Iceland horses and go for a ride on the sandy beach. Maybe during the midnight sun or the northern lights?

Rørvik beach

You find Rørvik beach by the exit from E10 towards Henningsvær. This is a beautiful beach with the perfect view over to Vestvågøy. On warm summer days, the beach is crowded with locals and visitors and those who feel brave enough can go for a refreshing swim in the azure blue sea.

Ramberg beach

Ramberg beach is on the north side of the island Flakstadøy. This beach is a real gem, and it is easy to access from the road. If you would like to go hiking nearby, you can go to the top of Ryten or down to Kvalvika.

Bunes beach

If you would like to explore a more remote beach, Bunes beach is a hot tip! Park the car in Reine, then take the boat to Vindstad and walk over the mountain pass down to Bunes beach. This is a fantastic walk on a good path, and it is suitable for everyone. It should not take more than 1 to 1.5 hours each way. Bring your lunch and spend the day at the beach, then take the boat back to Reine. For more information, contact the local tourist information in Moskenes. You find contact information here.

Punn Sanden beach

This beach is located on Værøy and has been nominated as the most beautiful beach in the world! This is a hidden gem as it is difficult to reach without a boat. From the mountain Håen you can look straight down on parts of the beach where it lies close to the steep mountain.

Beach fun

Many people go to the beach to swim and sunbathe, but in Lofoten you will find several other activities that you can do on the beautiful beaches.


Surfing in Lofoten has become more and more popular as more people discover the nice waves on the outside of Lofoten. Skagsanden on Flakstad and Unstad on Vestvågøy are places you should visit to surf. You can also rent equipment at these locations.

Camping on the beaches

For at alle skal ha tilgang til de fine strendene vi har i Lofoten er det laget oppmerkede steder hvor du kan sette opp teltet ditt. Her kan du lese mer om hvor du kan sette opp teltet ditt: 

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