Hiking in Lofoten

Lofoten is one of Norway’s best hiking destinations. Here, you’ll experience impressive mountain ranges, chalk-white beaches and spectacular views all year round.

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In Lofoten, you’ll find some of Norway’s most beautiful mountain treks. Throughout the long archipelago, there is a wide range of hiking opportunities; from quiet strolls on the shore, via gentle walking on grassy moors, to demanding peaks that require climbing to the top, such as Hermannsdalstind or the iconic Vågakallen.

A rich selection of hiking opportunities

Due to the archipelago’s geography with pointed peaks on several islands, day trips are most common in Lofoten. This means you can stay comfortably at your preferred accommodation and choose suitable destinations for the day.

It’s important to familiarize yourself with the type of trip you choose so that you are prepared and equipped for what lies ahead. Choose a trip according to weather conditions, your physical condition and ability.

Spectacular hiking in the lowlands

You don’t have to climb the highest peaks to experience spectacular views. Just getting out into the Lofoten nature makes a big impression. Easier trips that are recommended are strolling out on the breakwater on Svinøya in Svolvær, and saying hello to the “Fiskarkona” statue. In the lowlands of Svolværmarka and Kabelvågmarka, you’ll find fabulous hiking trails. Good starting points are respectively at Lille Kongsvannet and Solbakken.

For an easy trip on a gravel road, with magnificent views, Linken outside Svolvær is recommended. If you have more splash in your legs, you can continue up Tjeldbergtind. It is a short walk but in steep terrain on a rough path.

Vestvågøy offers great experiences. How about walking along the sea on a gravel road from Uttakleiv to Haukland?

At Sørvågen on Moskenesøy, it’s great to stroll to the waterfall at Studalselva or take a walk around Lake Sørvågvatnet.

Røstlandet is a dream for those with a fear of heights! The island’s highest point reaches only 11 meters above sea level. Head out to the old church ruins or go to Åndhammaren. Expect great hiking trails in soft marshy terrain.

Værøy is a mecca for hikers. There are good hiking trails all over the island. The road up to is steep but easy to walk.

Facilitated hiking trails

Some of the most popular trails in Lofoten have in recent years been arranged with Sherpa stairs and ladders. Just outside the center of Svolvær, you’ll find the stone stairs leading up to Djevelporten and Fløya. About a third of the hike is on Sherpa stairs, the rest on a steep path in airy surroundings. Reinebringen, which towers over the Reinefjord, is one of the most visited mountains in the island kingdom. Sherpa stairs have also been laid here. Note that the stairs end below the top itself and that it’s very steep here. Exercise caution when walking here.

Ryten and Kvalvika are also among the most popular hiking areas in Lofoten. Some parts of the hikes that take place here are on stilts and most hikers start at Fredvang.

An overview of our various guides

The hiking guides on our website gives you the information you need before you embark on your journey. If you’re looking for guide-services in Lofoten, then check out the various providers here.

Expert level

If you have extensive experience traveling in significantly exposed terrain, there are endless possibilities for resilient summit experiences in Lofoten. Mountains such as Hermannsdalstind, Vågakallen, Stjerntind, and Geitgallien require some serious skills.

Feel free to use a guide for a safer and more educational experience.

Be properly equipped

No matter what type of hike you choose, you should be well prepared when you set out into the Lofoten Nature. Sun and blue skies can quickly change to fog, wind, and rain. There are often sharp local variations in weather conditions.

Therefore, always have a bag with warm clothes, rainwear, food, and water. Hat and gloves are standard all year round. A map, compass, mobile phone, and first aid equipment should also be included. Use suitable footwear with good soles and preferably ankle support.

Check the weather forecast before you set off, and avoid demanding peaks if there is fog or rain. Choose simpler trips in the lowlands instead. The “Yr” app is popular and quite accurate for checking weather forecasts.

Multi-day trips

There are three tourist association cabins in Lofoten: Nøkksætra at Svolvær, Selfjordhytta at Flakstad and Munkebu at the foot of Hermansdalstind. The Trollfjord cabin in the mountain home above the fabled Trollfjord belongs to Vesterålen Turlag. Vestvågøya is an excellent choice for hikers who want to spend several days on a trip with a tent and hiking boots. Here there are gentler mountain areas and nice hiking terrain.

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