10 popular hikes in Lofoten

Hiking in Lofoten is possible for everybody! You can find trips suiting families, seniors and also the ones searching for the highest peaks. 

The weather changes rapidly in Lofoten, so it is a good idea to study the weather forecast before hiking. Warm clothes is recommended, especially on longer trips. We also recommend booking an organised hike with a proffesional guide, please see your options here.

When planning hikes in Lofoten we recommend buying a map with marked trails. Even if you are well-trained and an eager hiker, the Lofoten mountains can be rough and not always as easy as they seem!

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Help us to take care of the environment! Please read our recommendations on how to be a responsible tourist in Lofoten.

Austvågøy and Gimsøy


TJELDBERGTIND (367 m.o.s.)

Leave the E10 at the Esso station in Osan, Svolvær. Turn second left, follow the track towards the pistol range. At the bend just before the radio mast, turn right and follow the steep path up to the peak. A fairly demanding hike.

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Return trip: about 2 hours

Lofoten Links - Gimsøya Hov

HOVEN (368 m.o.s.)

The walk up Hoven on Gimsøya is excellent if you want to look at the midnight sun. Start at Hov by the golf links. A nice family trip.

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Return trip: about 2.5 hours

THE DEVIL’S GATE (590 m.o.s.)

Just a short walk from the center of Svolvær lies the Devil’s Staircase (Djeveltrappa). A sherpa trail where you pass through the Devil’s Gate (Djevelporten) on your way up to Fløya. The parking area operates with a payment solution provided by Easy Park.

The trail starts from the parking lot, and after a short distance, you’ll reach the sherpa trail (locally known as Djeveltrappa). You’ll use your thighs actively and be rewarded with beautiful views and impressive rock formations along the way up, culminating in a majestic view at the top.

Approximately 2 hours one way.

Read the complete guide here.

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Hemmingodden _ Ballstad


Start at Kræmmervika in Ballstadlandet. Follow the path which is clearly visible along a buried water line up to Ballstadheia (approx. 200 m.a.s.l.). The first climb is quite steep. When you reach the top you can continue down to Græna. From there you can follow the path along the shore until you reach Vestvågøy’s southernmost point, which is a rock formation called Brurstolen. Continue past Åsengrova along the shore back to where the hike started.

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Return trip: about 4 hours.

Eggum - Nasjonale Turistveger


Start from the fortress at Eggum and follow the road, which eventually turns into a path. The second part is more demanding before you reach the beach in Unstad. Particularly good views of the midnight sun here.

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Return trip: 4 hours.



KVALVIKA & RYTEN (543 m.o.s.)

Kvalvika is a spectacular beach surrounded by high mountains. The view from Ryten is the reason why this is one of the most popular hikes in Lofoten. Turn off the E10 to Fredvang and follow the road to the school in Fredvang. Go to Innersand and follow the sign to Einangen.

Read the full hiking guide here.

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Return trip: about 3 hours.

Nusfjord Arctic Resort


Strenuous walk. About 300 metres south of the old school in Nusfjord, a cairned path leads to Nesland. About 200 m before Østre Nesland, there are some giant potholes by the shore. Nesland has Lofoten’s only watermill.

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Return trip: about 4 hours. There is lots of great hiking in Flakstad; contact the tourist information centre for some tips.



REINEBRINGEN (448 m.o.s. / season: May – September)

One of the most popular hikes in Norway, is situated in the municipality of Moskenes. The view from Reinebringen is one of the most spectacular in Lofoten. Read the full guide here.

Duration: Approximately 1-1,5 hours. Height: 448 meters above sea level. Slope: 45 degrees. Distance: 2 km round trip.

It’s important to wear good hiking shoes, and please bring water. Don’t forget fully charged camera/mobile phone, so that you can bring your memories back home!

We recommend hiking this route between May and September.

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From Reine, take the boat to Vindstad to get to the Bunes beach. Follow the road from Vindstad to the end of the fjord and across a small strip of land down to Bunesstranda. This incredible sandy beach is worth the effort! The whole trip, including the boat, takes about 4 hours. The boat can also drop you off in Forsfjord, from where you can walk to Hermanndalstind, Munkebu and Sørvågen.

Read the full hiking guide here.

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HORNET (346 m.o.s.)

An enjoyable, fairly tough walk takes you past the school to Marka where the road ends. From here, either continue right up the path or road to Håheia, 438 m high, with an incredible panoramic view – or continue through a gravel pit and into beautiful Sørlandshagen. There are many paths to choose between here, but they all eventually lead to Nupsneset. Tip: follow the shore back, and enjoy the lovely pebble beach.

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STEINKIRKA (bonus hike!)

The Yellow Trail is the shortest, about 0.5 km long, leading to the ruins of the 1835 stone church, consecrated in 1839 by Bishop Kierschow. It should have held 110 people, but only had 78 seats. The later chancel and sacristy were consecrated in 1883. More information can be found on the board nearby.

About 1.5 km long, the Blue Trail leads to Åndhammarn. Though only 10 metres high, Åndhammarn is a natural landmark and viewpoint on the island. There is no evidence to suggest that this was a place for spirits (‘ånder’), the name probably coming from the Norwegian ‘ørn’ (eagle). There used to be eagles’ nests here, and it is still an overwhelming sight to see flocks of eagles circling the crag.

The trail leads through a sheltered but flat and open area of bogs and shallow ponds. The vegetation is extremely diverse because of the huge variations in salinity.

Read the full hiking guide here.

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