The best places to ride horses in Lofoten

Horseback riding enables you to experience the unique nature-based experiences in Lofoten from a completely different perspective, regardless of whether you are a novice or an experienced rider. Organised horseback riding trips are an excellent activity suitable for the whole family, groups of friends or couples.

Experience Lofoten’s weather phenomena from horseback

With 50 Icelandic horses, the farm Hov Gård offers one of the most rewarding activities in the Lofoten islands. They arrange horseback riding trips here all year round and adapt them to suit all levels. Every season and time of the day provides a unique experience. You can ride along white sandy beaches, over a ridge or through the nature reserve on the island of Gimsøy. Hov Gård offers trips adapted to suit the rider’s skill level, with a gentle pace for novices and a faster pace for experienced riders who like to gallop.

Hov is situated on the outer coast of Lofoten with views of the Norwegian Sea as far as the eye can see. Hov has virtually no light pollution nor mountains to obstruct the view, which combine to make this one of the best places in Lofoten to experience the Northern Lights in late autumn or winter. You and your loved ones can go on an evening horseback ride with experienced guides from Hov Gård and admire the majestic Northern Lights dancing in the sky above you. On late summer evenings, the golden rays of the Midnight Sun add an extra dimension to your riding experience.

Lofoten’s charm comes in many shapes

Hov Gård arranges unique horseback riding trips with Lofoten’s wonderful nature playing the leading role. They adapt the tour options to suit all levels and wishes. Much of Lofoten’s charm comes from the people you meet along the way, and the social experience plays a major role. Lofotværinger – the locals of Lofoten – are renowned for the way they host guests. This good hospitality involves a positive attitude and social competence so you will feel welcome and looked after. A multi-day horseback riding trip will create memories your whole group of friends will appreciate. The guided tours are led by experts who know every nook and cranny of Lofoten and guarantee a good atmosphere throughout the trip.

Hov Gård offers riding tours for all occasions

Hov Gård offers versatile tours to suit most people. They arrange varied trips throughout the year, which enable you to experience horseback riding late in the evening on white sandy beaches or cliffs by the sea. You can relive the Viking Age in an ancient cultural landscape and ride past sites of boathouses for Viking longships before continuing towards Raet and the nature reserve. The ride ends at the site of an ancient settlement dating to the Iron Age. Hov Gård also offers popular multi-day tours that enable you to be well acquainted with the majestic Lofoten nature on horseback. Naturally, all the trips are adapted to a pace and level you can master, and the group can be divided into smaller groups if needed.

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