Experience Lofoten from a SUP

Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP) has become extremely popular in recent years. Most people find SUP easy to master. It’s a fun and challenging activity for the whole family. It can also be adapted to put your skills to the test and is a perfect activity for a group of friends, with your partner or to find peace alone. Lofoten is known for its maritime world as a trademark. SUP offers you unique closeness to the Arctic environment and enables you to experience the nature both above and below the surface. With several places in Lofoten that offer rentals, courses and guided tours, all you need to bring to try SUP in Lofoten is a good mood. You can enjoy SUP all year round, either while paddling under snow-capped mountains in the winter or in the golden rays of the Midnight Sun in the summer.

You will find information here about the best SUP experiences and where to rent SUP gear in Lofoten:

A new way to experience the outer coast of Lofoten

The outer coast of Lofoten offers excellent conditions for surfing and standing on SUP boards. You will find some of the world’s nicest beaches here with crystal clear water that is reminiscent of the Caribbean. The iconic Lofoten mountains stretch from the water’s edge right up to the clouds. You will find local guides in several places who can take you and your friends or family on an Arctic safari and teach you tips and tricks on the SUP board.

Book a guided SUP tour at Arctic surf at Unstad or Lofoten Beach Camp a Flakstad

Frequently Asked Questions about SUP in Lofoten:

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