Ten things you can’t miss in Lofoten this summer

Lofoten is full of opportunities. There is almost too much to choose from. The list could be almost endless, but we have made an overview of 10 things you can’t miss in Lofoten this summer. Even if you pick one of these or you find your own experiences, one thing is for sure – the Lofoten summer is magic. 

Kajakk i Lofoten

1. The midnight sun 

From the end of May until the middle of July, you can enjoy the sun all day and night in Lofoten. What can be better than going on holiday to a place where the sun never sets? You can make the most of your time by hiking in the mountains in the middle of the night or enjoying yourself on the beach all day.

World Sea Explorer

2. Sea safari and sailing

Lofoten is spectacular. To experience Lofoten from the sea gives you a unique perspective.See the fjords, waves, and mountains in total harmony with the wildlife in Lofoten. Here you will probably see the sea eagle up close. The Trollfjord is one of the most popular gems in Lofoten, which is easy to experience from a boat. You are guaranteed memories for life!

Hov Hestegård - Gimsøya

3. Horse riding in Lofoten

To ride a horse under the midnight sun with the surrounding Lofoten nature sprinkled with magic light is an incredible experience. This is something you can’t miss. Nature, wildlife, and the light in perfect harmony with the horse make a lasting impression. There are many places to ride a horse in Lofoten, both for children and adults. 

Northern Explorer

4. Lofoten by kayak 

The sound of the kayak gliding on the water and the smell of the sea really gives you a feeling of being at one with nature. During the summer in Lofoten, you can go kayaking day and night and get close to the rhythm of nature. Lofoten has a wide variety of kayaking opportunities, which are suitable for families, friends and couples. 

Unstad Arctic Surf

5. Surfing and SUP

Even if you have never tried surfing or paddling on a stand-up board, or if you are an expert, Lofoten will always be an experience. Here you can choose from a wide variety of activities in an area that is known as one of the absolute best in the world. The midnight sun will also give you the extra chance to surf all night or just glide quietly on the water on a SUP.

Livland gård - Laukvik

6. Hikes in Lofoten

You must have seen pictures of people going for hikes in the unique Lofoten nature. It is almost compulsory to go outdoors when you are in Lofoten. What is nice about Lofoten is that you can always find walks that suit everyone and still get amazing views. Find a local guide that can find the perfect spots for you. 

LAG - alle gallerier - husk fotocred Dan Mariner

7. Cultural experiences in Lofoten

Lofoten is a cultural power centre! There are few other places in Norway in such a small area like Lofoten, where you find an abundance of history, handcraft, art and culture. Blacksmiths, glassblowers, museums, galleries, art exhibitions and a lot more contribute to a unique community of culture and arts in Lofoten. Visit the largest Viking longhouse in the world and watch while glass art is being created. 

Here is a collection of some of the most exciting arts and culture experiences in Lofoten  

Lofoten Gårdsysteri - Mærvold

8. Farm visits and local food 

When you are traveling, you may want to taste the local food and now you have come to the right place! Most of the restaurants in Lofoten offer fresh food produced locally, and you should definitely try it. If you go on a farm visit you can also meet the farm animals, and buy homemade cheese, spices, yogurt and ice cream, just to mention a few. Maybe you would like to learn how to make cheese?

Nusfjord Arctic Resort

9. Visit a fishing village 

There is no other place in the country with more fishing villages than Lofoten. In a fishing village, you can see the fishing boats arrive in the harbor to deliver their catch and admire the fish racks full of dried fish. Maybe you would like to try your luck at fishing and go on a fishing trip? Stay the night in a rorbu (fisherman’s cabin) like the fishermen used to do before they prepared for another day of fishing. These are some of the most authentic features that Lofoten has to offer!

See some of our most popular: Fishing villages.

Lofoten Diving

10. Snorkeling and diving

If you have not tried diving or snorkeling before, you should try it in the crystal clear watersin Lofoten. There are many places you can go snorkeling under the surface, where you can study life under the sea. Or if you want to explore the deep Arctic sea, both experienced and beginners alike can go explore the plant and animal life on the bottom of the sea.

Have a great summer!