Sauna in Lofoten? Here are some of Norway’s hottest saunas

Sauna in Lofoten is special because it gives you extraordinary access to one of the most spectacular combinations of mountains and sea in the world. In this place, you get close to the enormous powers of nature. Sit in the front «row», lean back, and enjoy the raw experience of a sauna in Lofoten. 


Sauna under the midnight sun

Hov Gård (Hov Horse Farm) is situated on the Gimsøy island on the northern side of Lofoten. This is where you find one of Lofoten’s best placed saunas. Between a white sandy beach and the mountain Hoven, you can sit in a steaming hot sauna with a view over the big ocean, reaching as far as your eye can see. Hov Sauna has room for 12 people, and enjoying the midnight sun together with your closest and dearest is a very special experience. It is like time stays still and nothing else matters when you are enjoying this particular moment. 

The best way to enjoy the northern lights is from a sauna

You may have had the sensational feeling of entering a hot sauna after a cold swim or a dip in the ocean. Very few have experienced this under a dark sky with the stars brightening up the fjord and the majestic mountain tops, for instance at Skårungen, with a view over to the iconic mountain Vågakallen.

Nyvågar Rorbuhotell - Classic Norway

Exceptional well-being in Lofoten

If you go to the Lofotspa at Nyvågar in Kabelvåg you will experience top of the range sauna and well-being. After an active day, you and your family can recharge your batteries at the same time as you enjoy the view over the majestic mountains and the Vestfjord.

Lofoten Sauna – Svinøya Rorbuer

Saunas in Lofoten are not only meant to be enjoyed on land. In Svolvær, you can experience floating luxury at Svinøya Rorbuer in their sauna on a floating jetty by the harbor.

Sauna-Spa - Svinøya Rorbuer

Lyst Lofoten Sauna Svolvær

Welcome to sauna and cold baths in the world’s most beautiful surroundings. LYST Lofoten Sauna is located on the floating dock in front of the Thon Hotel Svolvær, with views of the Vestfjord, the entrance to Svolvær, and the mountains behind.

Frequently asked questions about saunas in Lofoten