Travel to Lofoten

Want to know how to travel to Lofoten? Here you will find an overview of boats, ferries, buses, planes and car entrances.

Ferry and boats to Lofoten

You can travel to the Lofoten Islands by ferry and express boats from the north and south. Here you will find an overview of the ferry and boat offers available to Lofoten.

Fly to Lofoten

Lofoten has 3 airports and Norway’s only commercial helicopter route. In addition, you can fly to Evenes which has an airport bus express to Lofoten and to Bodø which has many routes to Lofoten. Here you will find info about how to travel by airplane to Lofoten.

Travel to Lofoten by bus

You can go to Lofoten by bus and there are bus connections to many different parts of Lofoten. There are also express busses that take you to Lofoten from the airports.

Drive to Lofoten

Now you can actually drive to Lofoten via Lofast. In 2007, the mainland connection was ready. You can also choose to take a ferry from Bodø or Skutvik.

Tourist Information in Lofoten

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