Northern lights spa in Lofoten

Spa and wellness in Lofoten

A spa is an experience, but a spa in Lofoten is a nature-based experience. Lofoten has perhaps the most rugged and honest nature in the world. The distinctive combination of the mighty sea meeting razor-sharp mountains gives Lofoten a natural repertoire that the rest of the world can only dream of. You will discover many ways to enjoy the nature, including from a spa. Imagine a steaming hot tub right on the seashore and the sound of crashing waves. The Lofoten spa is a nature-based experience you will remember for the rest of your life, regardless of whether you have sun or snow on your face.

Spa in Lofoten: A perfect end to an active day

There are many different activities to do in Lofoten, and at least as many reasons to indulge yourself with a Lofoten Spa. If it’s one o’clock in the morning and the Midnight Sun is at its most magnificent, an outdoor hot tub offers a fully-fledged experience. If you have just returned from a long hike and want to recharge your batteries before dinner, you will gain renewed strength in the sauna. If you had a late night in a good company, start the day in the hot tub. In this respect, the Lofoten Spa is like physical exercise: no one has ever regretted it afterwards.

How to make your Northern Lights and Midnight Sun experience even better

The Midnight Sun and Northern Lights contribute to making Lofoten such a popular destination. The concept of having sun around the clock amazes many. Seeing the sun brush the horizon before rising into the sky is magical and feels like a privilege. Lofoten is perhaps the place on earth where the Northern Lights are most sensational. Perhaps it’s because Lofoten is below the Northern Lights Oval. Nevertheless, the majestic surroundings make it unique. Whether you enjoy the Midnight Sun from a steaming sauna at Hov while the horses wander past or admire the Northern Lights from a wood-fired hot tub watching the mighty mountain of Vågakallen, a Lofoten spa is something you won’t forget in a hurry.

Photo: Hallvard Kolltveit / Nusfjord Arctic Resort

The Lofoten spa is an easy nature-based experience

The Lofoten spa is not weather reliant. Regardless of whether it’s snowing, raining, a northerly wind is blowing from all directions, or the sun is shining, there is always a hot tub or sauna waiting to be enjoyed. The hot tub amplifies the natural elements – the sea breeze is fresher, the mountains mightier and if you are in good company the atmosphere is magical.

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