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Camping in Lofoten gives you the freedom to move and sleep in different places over a longer period. This really provides a special kind of luxury. A luxury that is enhanced by sleeping outside – you will not get closer to nature. Here you will find an overview of campsites in Lofoten

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Restrictions: What is allowed if you camp in Lofotodden Nasjonalpark?

The common law (referred to in Norwegian as “Allemannsretten”) applies within Lofotodden National Park. Ordinary outdoor activities like berry and mushroom gathering, hunting and fishing, can be practiced outside the park. You can use wood for bonfires, but old/dying trees must be left untouched as these are important habitats for insects, birds, lichen, and fungi. Also, remember that there is a general ban on bonfires from 15 April – 15 September.

Organized tours and events may require special permission from the administrative authority. The organizer must contact the administration well before the planned trip to get details clarified.

Lofotodden is protected against noise. The use of drones, model aircraft, or the like is prohibited. Motor transport on land, lakes, and in the air below 300 meters from the ground is not allowed.

Leave no trace! Rubbish must not be left in nature, regardless of whether the area is protected or not. Rubbish must be braught with you and thrown into a nearby bin. Toilet waste must be dealth with cleanly (pack it in a plastic bag and bring it with you – out from the nature) so that it is not a nuisance to others. Human waste is not part of natures own eco-system for decomposition.

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