Hotels in Lofoten

Lofoten’s most comfortable accommodation

Staying at a hotel is perhaps the most comfortable way you can rest while visiting Lofoten. Experience mountains and seas, weather and wind and explore the most popular places in Lofoten, in combination with service and well-being at hotels.

Lofoten has many hotels to choose between: from hostels to conference hotels. Find the hotel that suits your needs.

wake up to fresh breakfast and the smell of the ocean

Hotels in Lofoten for every occasion

In Lofoten you can find a good and varied range of hotels. From most of the hotels you have a short distance to most activities and several are literally on the edge of the pier, hanging over the water. How about starting the day with a delicious hotel breakfast in combination with the smell of seawater and fresh air?

Several hotels offers saunas, swimming and fitness rooms. Jump in the sea and enjoy the hot tub or a sauna. Nothing makes a better start or finish to your day.

Visiting Lofoten with kids or the one you love? Lofoten offers an abundance of opportunities and it is no surprise that Lofoten has been voted the most romantic place in Norway. Find the perfect hotels for your needs.

Are you going to organize a course, conference or team building? Several of the hotels in Lofoten offer great premises for meeting activities. This can also be combined with mountain walks, cozying up around a campfire or fishing trips.

The taste of Lofoten

Many of the hotels are also connected to restaurants and can serve you the most delicious dishes.

The food traditions in Lofoten stand strong and have been passed down from generation to generation. Skrei (Norwegian cod), dried fish, fresh fish from local fishermen, whale meat, local aged cheeses and local lamb are some of the many ingredients you can find in hotel restaurants in Lofoten.

Did you know that several of the hotel restaurants can prepare fish you have caught yourself? How about starting the day with a fishing trip and going to the hotel with the catch? Meanwhile you hold meetings or go to the sauna, the kitchen prepares the fish, and you will be served your own catch for dinner.

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