Fishermen’s cabins and sea houses in Lofoten

Would you like to stay in a fisherman’s cabin? As fish is, and has always been, one of Norway’s most important export products, fishing has defined Norway and Lofoten for centuries. Fishermen often call the sea for their home. For more than a thousand years, the rorbu (or fishermen’s cabin) has therefor been a second home for fishermen in Lofoten.

Turne your accomadation into an experience! The unique cultural heritage of a rorbu is well preserved, so you can experience it as it used to be. It’s with good reason the fishermen’s cabins has become one of the most popular accommodation options in Lofoten. Whether you are looking for a basic or more modern place to stay, a rorbu holiday adds an extra dimension to your Lofoten experience, as well as immediate proximity to nature and other popular activities.

You can find fishermen’s cabins situated throughout the Lofoten Islands

Experience the origins of the rorbu

Conveniently built by the sea, rorbu (fishermen’s cabins) had a purely functional and practical purpose. The small houses, often on wooden poles above the water, served as a place for fishermen to rest between fishing excursions at sea and as a place to store their equipment. They often consisted of two rooms – one for storage and one with beds for rest. The dark red colour of the paint is a classic quality that dates to when cod liver oil paint was the cheapest type available.

Sea spray and majestic mountains

Today, Lofoten’s qualities (or distinctive characteristics) are the magnificent sea, mountains and nature. Wherever you travel along the coast in Lofoten, you will be able to experience the iconic red fishermen’s cabins.

There is a wide choice, and you will find accommodation to suit every need. Whether you and your family are looking for spa and wellness in Svolvær or wish to stay in comfort near a beautiful beach on the outer coast, Lofoten has a wide range of beautiful fishermen’s cabins to choose between.

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