Surf rentals and surf courses – Lofoten Beach Camp

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Surfing with all gear and instructions included, in the middle of Lofoten!

By the scenic Flakstad beach, right between Leknes and Reine, lies our beautiful surf camp.

At the camp, we offer all you and your traveling group need to experience surfing in the arctic scenery.

With a safe beach, without rocks or currents, a mesmerizing view and hot showers, we at Lofoten Beach Camp make all the preparations in order for you to enjoy Lofoten from the surfboard.

In case you haven’t tried surfing before, we also offer surf courses for people of all ages!

Our experienced instructors make sure that everyone gets the sensation of catching a wave, as the midnight sun dances in the horizon.

Our courses can be adjusted to fit your schedule and your level, no matter who’s attending!

Give us a call or visit our website to book your next surfing adventure!

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