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Riding on the old Vikings’ roads…

The Viking tour is perfect for intermediate and advanced riders.

We start from our stables at Hov Gård, then make our way through Lofoten Links Golf Course before arriving in the middle of the wonderful Gimsøymyrene nature reserve. There we can observe some of the natural bird life and learn about the Viking history on the island dating back 2000 years, while following an old road that ends up at an original Viking village site where the remainings of Viking settlers houses from 195 BC till 680 AC can be inspected.

After a short break we try different paces and gaits, enjoying the beautiful view of the nature reserve. On the way back to Hov we ride at the beautiful white beach before we head back to the stables.

This tour is only for intermediate and advanced riders, as it requires the riders to have control of the horses and be comfortable with a faster pace. However, this tour can be adapted to beginners via private bookings. Otherwise, check out our beginners tours.

Weight limit is 95kg on all riding tours.

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Hov Gård is situated at Hov, on the island of Gimsøy, in the heart of Lofoten. Hov is approximately 45 kilometres south-west of Svolvær and 50 kilometres north-east of Leknes. Follow the E10 and turn off at the Sundklakkbrua bridge on Gimsøy. As you will see, the riding centre is centrally situated in Lofoten, under an hour’s drive away from most overnight accommodations and attractions.


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