Uttakleiv Beach

Uttakleiv is a small community on the north side of Vestvågøy island in Lofoten.

There are currently 22 permanent residents and they are very proud of the unique nature and cultural qualities of their home and have a very active community association “Uttakleiv grendelag”.  We can boast of several awards that we are very proud of: 

  • Uttakleiv beach named Europe’s most romantic beach by The Times 2005
  • Uttakleiv beach named the world’s 3rd most beautiful beach by Sunday times travel 2010
  • “Uttakleiv grendelag” received Vestvågøy municipality Environmental Award 2015
  • “Uttakleiv grendelag” awarded Nordland County Cultural Landscape Award 2017 

In recent years more and more tourists have been visiting this small community. The community association puts in many hours of voluntarily work and over the years has actively worked with developing facilities for visitors. They have invested in the necessary infrastructure to accommodate the large numbers of tourists and until 2018, they had a voluntary payment scheme in which they encouraged visitors to make a contribution. The increasing number of tourists meant that in 2018 they had to hire hosts for the summer season  in order to collect contributions and to coordinate parking and control the area. This is for the benefit of those who visit and for who live here. The work that has been done includes:

  • Developing a parking area
  • Building and maintaining public toilets
  • Keeping the natural and cultural landscape neat and well groomed 
  • Employing tourist hosts / guides

Prices from Uttakleiv Grendelag for parking and camping at Uttakleiv beach: 

Car:                                  NOK    50,-    3 hours.
MC:                                   NOK    50,-    3 hours.
Bobil:                                NOK    50,-    3 hours.
Car with tent:                 NOK   200,-    1 night.
MC with tent:                 NOK   200,-    1 night.
Tent:                                NOK   160,-    1 night.
Caravan:                          NOK   250,-    1 night included emptying toilet and refill of clean water in the caravan. 
Mini bus until 16 seats: NOK   600,-
Bus until 49 seats:         NOK 1.500,-
Emptying toilet:               NOK    75,-

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