Kvalvika and Ryten (543 mos)

Kvalvika and Ryten in Lofotenodden national park are some of the most popular hiking areas in Lofoten. And there is a good reason for that. The view from the top of Ryten far down to the long golden beach is second to none.


Spring, summer, autumn. Snowshoes or skies during winter.


1,5 h to the beach. 2 h to Ryten.




543 mos.


3,5 km directly to the top, 3 km directly to the beach.

Starting point

Parking at "Fredvang skole" or at Innersand (more info below).

The hike to Kvalvika and Ryten attracts many people. This is where you experience the typical nature in Lofoten with steep mountains cliffs, emerald green sea and an impressive sandy beach, where it is tempting to go for a swim in the waves.

This hike is relatively easy and suitable for families who enjoy hiking in the mountains. There are several alternative routes, so you can decide if you prefer the long or the short version.

Kvalvika is on the island Moskenesøy, but it belongs to the municipality of Flakstad. This area is known for its beautiful sandy beaches. In addition to Kvalvika, we also recommend the beaches at Yttersand, Ramberg and Skagsanden, which are worth a visit if you enjoy walking barefoot on the white coral sand.

The nearest shopping centre in this area is in Ramberg, which is 7 km from Indresand, where you start the hike. Ramberg has a petrol station, shops, tourist information, restaurants, cafes and accommodation. There are also a variety of water sport activities for children and grown-ups.

You find more information about Kvalvika and the surrounding area on Wikipedia.


Many people enjoy going to Kvalvika. We recommend that you park at Fredvang school and start your hike from there, or at Innersand/Indersand. There is a sign pointing to this parking once you have crossed the Fredvang bridges. 

You can also find charging points for electrical cars at the school parking (summer 2021), as well as clean drinking water and rubbish bins.

Easy terrain

From the parking, follow the sign to the path towards Einangen. This is a good path that goes through an easy terrain with small crags and hills. The path goes to the north of the lake Einangsvannet and south of the hill 290. Remember not to disturb the sheep and keep your dog on a leash.

Continue further up until you see the lake Forsvatnet further down on your left hand side. This is where the path splits in two directions, so you need to decide if you want to continue up to the top of the mountain or go directly down to the beach.

If you decide to go to the top of Ryten first, you just follow the path up the hill. The path divides into different routes. If you follow the path that goes along the edge on the left, you get the most spectacular view. But the cliffs are very steep, so please be careful! 

Magnificent views

The view down to Kvalvika beach is impressive. Steep cliffs rise up on each side of the bay and create a beautiful frame around the beach.

When you approach the top of Ryten, the terrain becomes flatter. From the cairn at the top you get a great view over the open sea towards the north. What about doing this hike to see the midnight sun?

After having hiked to the top, many people like to go down to the beach. Maybe for a refreshing swim? Follow the path back down to the lake Forsvatnet and then follow the path from there down the hill towards the beach.

Round trip alternatives

You can make a round trip if somebody can drop you off and pick you up somewhere else along the route. The shortest route is from Kvalvika, over Skoren and down to Torsfjorden. The return trip can be cut shorter by going down to Torsfjorden on the eastern side of the lake Markvannet.

More useful advice

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