Bunes beach – hiking trail in Lofoten

On the northern side of Moskenes you find one of the most beautiful beaches in Lofoten – Bunes beach, which is part of the Lofotodden national park. You can only get there by boat, and there are daily departures from Reine to Vindstad over the Reinefjord. Here is more information about how to get to Bunesstranda.

Information about Bunes beach (Bunessanden)

Start point

The pier at Vindstad. Parking is in Reine. It is not possible to bring a car to Bunessanden.


April – October.


2,8 km (one way from Vinstad).


80 metres above sea level.


2-4 hours (round trip).


Easy walk, suitable for everyone.

One of Lofoten’s most beautiful beaches

On the northern side of Moskenes you find one of Lofoten’s gems, the Bunestranda beach, which is part of the Lofotodden national park. You can only go there by boat, and there are daily departures from Reine. In the summer season, there may be several departures every day. Check the summer timetables here: Reinefjord timetable and book your tickets here. You can park your car in Reine and walk to the pier where the boat departs. If you travel by bus, then check out this page: Travel within Lofoten for more information.

The pier is 300 metres away from the local petrol station, and it is sign posted. During the high season in summer, it is a good idea to be there early, before the boat gets fully booked. The boat goes along the Reinefjord through a spectacular landscape, and you go off in the village called Vindstad. This village is also worth seeing. There may be only a couple of people still living there permanently, as most of the houses are only used during holidays.

When you arrive at the pier in Vindstad, you go to the right and follow the path through the village. Before you arrive at the end of the road, you will see a sign pointing to the Bunesstranda beach. The path goes to the top of the hill, where you will have a great view over the beach at the opposite side. The path then takes you down to the beach. The Bunessanden beach has often been described as one of the most beautiful beaches in Norway. The beach faces the open sea, surrounded by the mountains Helvetestinden and Storskiva on each side. Should you be tempted to go for a swim in the refreshing sea, just go for it!

Stay overnight or return by boat?

You can take the boat back to Reine the same day, but make sure you check the timetables for the return. It is also possible to camp near the beach. Near the Helvetestinden there is a risk of rock falls, so make sure you do not set up your tent near this mountain! Also, please check the weather forecast because the beach and the camping area are very exposed to winds from the northwest. The hike up to the Helvetestinden, which is 662 metres high, is a very popular hike to make while visiting this area. This hike is not suitable for children.

Frequently asked questions:

More useful advice 

  • Drones are not permitted in the national park. This applies to Einangen, Bunesstranda and Helvetestinden.
  • Do not make a fire that may damage the vulnerable vegetation on the beach. This may cause erosion. 
  • If you require an experienced tour guide to accompany you on a hike, you may book hikes on our booking-page, or find other hikes here
  • Take care of Lofoten when you visit – read more about how to be a responsible guest