About Henningsvær in Lofoten

Bridges join the many islands of Henningsvær to the mainland. Henningsvær has played a significant role in Lofoten’s fishing history and is still a fascinating destination with its many small craft shops, art gallery and pleasant atmosphere. The nearby mountains are excellent for climbing.

One of the most famous fishing villages in Lofoten is Henningsvær

Henningsvær, which is located 25 km from Svolvær, consists of several small islands that are connected by bridges like pearls on a string.

Here, the southwest wind blows in the winter, while the tropical colors are reflected in calm waters in the summer.

The Pre Christmas Adventure in Henningsvær

Between the colourful autumn and the red, glittering Christmas there is a hidden treasure. It is blue, a bit cold – and totally wonderful. Experience the Pre-Christmas Adventure in Henningsvær.

It has almost been a little secret between us who live here, but now we wish to share it with you. So please listen carefully: Once the leaves have fallen off the trees, the nicest time of all will begin. This is when you experience the real Pre-Christmas Adventure.

– I think this is the most exotic time you can experience. No matter where in the world you come from, you may have an idea of what to find north of the Arctic Circle. Northern Light. The eternal blue hours. The unpredictable weather. The summer is beautiful almost everywhere, also here, but only the north of Norway has this, says Cecilie Haaland, the ceramist who started to organize the Pre-Christmas Adventure.

Henningsvær is a must for art and cultural experiences

Henningsvær has emerged as a cultural stronghold in Lofoten, with several galleries showing both local art and world-renowned artists such as Ai Wei Wei and Bjarne Melgaard at Kaviar Factory.

Several days a week you can also get cultural experiences in the form of concerts with famous artists. Check out what’s going on before you go. You will also find pottery, glass and jewelry made by local artisans.

You need several days in Henningsvær

There is no shortage of things to do. Henningsvær is a favorite for climbers and for those who want to explore the archipelago on a rib trip on a sea safari or with snorkeling.

How do you get to Henningsvær?

We recommend the “Reis” app when planning your trip to Henningsvær. Download from App Store, or from Google Play. With the app, you can plan journeys and see departure times for public transport for the whole of Nordland.

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