Gimsøy is located between Austvågøy and Vestvågøy and belongs to Vågan Municipality. The island is known for having the world’s northernmost links golf course, where you can play golf under the midnight sun in summer or under the northern lights in autumn.

Om Gimsøya

Gimsøy has large protected areas with rare fauna and an exciting bird life. At Hov, with its beautiful location on the north side of the island, you will find the golf course and chalk-white sandy beaches. Next to the golf course you will also find a horse farm with Icelandic horses, where you can get guided walks on sandy beaches and old Viking trails.

The mountain Hoven, with its 368 masl, is the perfect destination for the midnight sun trip in the summer and offers a fantastic 360-degree view of the mountains and sea. Hov is a popular place to see the northern lights in winter and maybe even ride under the magical northern lights.

The world’s coolest golf course

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