Travel within Lofoten

Public Transportation

Travel within Lofoten like the locals do, using public transportation. Within the six municipalities that Lofoten consist of, you can choose between various public buses or ferries and express boats.

The local public transportation network in Lofoten vary their schedules slightly between the winter and summer seasons. So be sure to check the “from-to” dates if you use the timetables. The most effective tool to use however is the “Reis” app. You can download it on App Store or on Google Play. The app will show the most shortest routes with connections for all modes of transportation, with up to date schedules. Alternatively, use the travel planner at the website: Reis Nordland.

Traveling by bus

The local bus routes stretches all the way from Narvik to the east, to Å in the west. Take not that some routes changes slightly between the winter and the summer season.

Traveling by ferry or express boat

Most of Lofoten is connected by tunnels and bridges. But some areas are so remote that you can only travel there by boat. There is also convenient express boat that connects Lofoten to Bodø called NEX 2.

Bus Tours

As of 2023, most bus tours in Lofoten are only available during the summer months. In the summer of 2024, the Arctic Route, by Best Arctic, will be connected with incoming flights to Evenes from Frankfurt on Thursdays and Sundays. We link to more information this route and several other bus tours below.

Bus tours with Best Arctic has several advantages. First of all, they embrace the hop-on/hop-off concept, making traveling within our regions much smoother. Secondly, they offer photo stops, unique experiences such as Whale-Watching in Andenes, exploring Nusfjord, and visiting the Lofotr Viking Museum, to name a few.

Best Arctic also offer a Tromsø-Lofoten-Tromsø connection. Making it easier to combine your adventure in Lofoten when first arriving in Tromsø.


There are several companies in Lofoten that offer rental cars, motorhomes, and campervans. Here are a few tips for renting vehicles in Lofoten:

Local laws and etiquette: Applies to both cars and “house on wheels”. Visit our Essential travel tips to Lofoten page to learn more.

Rental cars: You must be at least 19 years old (varies between car category) and have owned your license for 1 year. Young driver surcharge may incur for those under the age of 25. Rentals cars should have Autopass installed and winter tires on during winter season.

Motorhomes/campervans: In the age of influencers, renting these kind of vehicles has become popular in Lofoten. If you opt for renting a “house on wheels”, remember that certain rules apply. For example, camping by the road in close proxemity to other vehicles is to be avoided due to fire hazards. The closer everyone parks, the larger the risk for a fire to spread. In fact, we recommend overnights stays at the many campsites in Lofoten. You can learn more about camping in Lofoten here.

Limousine service: For weddings, corporate events, or for smaller groups, consider a limousine service for transfers, sightseeing and round trips.

Taxis in Lofoten

Yes, we have taxis in Lofoten too! If you want to book a taxi for when you arrive in Lofoten, it can be an advantage to pre book your taxi prior to arrival. Same goes for your departure.

  • Lofoten Taxi app download: App Store / Google Play.
  • Taxi Svolvær Airport (Helle) and Leknes airport: 0047 07550
  • Taxi Værøy Heliport: 0047 90217777
  • Taxi Røst airport: 0047 90577300