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It all started in the early 1900s, when an English pharmaceutical company built “Engelskmannsbrygga” in Henningsvær for the production of medicinal cod liver oil.

This was during a period were the Lofoten fishery made up the bulk of revenue for most fishermen in northern Norway. And in Henningvær, it’s recorded that around 1029 inhabitants lived scattered around the islands that mad up the fishing village.

Most of them lived in Fishermans Cabins, and where involved in fishing and related industries. Spread around on the islands you would have seen several warehouses and fish factories, and plenty of fishing boats.

Today, well over a hundred years later, there is not a single drop of fish oil left. Instead, skilled craftsmen ensure that the traditional pier is filled with modern, Norwegian design.

From 1997 till today

In 1997, the workshop community was established by Cecilie Haaland and John Stenersen. Later, in 2014, the glassblowers Heidi Kristiansen and Mette Paalgard took over the day to day business of “Glasshytta”. The community has always welcomed guests with open arms and provided them with a glimpse into the artisans’ work process and passion for their craft through open workshops.

The artisans have noticed an increasing interest in authenticity. More and more guests are appreciating local craftsmanship, exciting design, and the welcoming open workshop environment. A travel memory from here is much more than just a souvenir.

The gallery offers a wide selection of handicrafts that are characterized by a conscious and holistic design. The artisans continuously work on developing new products while being aware that many of the classic products have become collectors’ items among loyal customers.

Engelskmannsbrygga is located in the middle of the square in Henningsvær. It is a short distance from cozy cafes, accommodation, the art gallery Kaviarfabrikken, and the cultural center Trevarefabrikken.

The Ceramic Artist
Cecilie Haaland

Cecilie Haaland is a full-time craftswoman with a wide repertoire, from utility objects with clean lines in a simple and modern design language to conceptual decorations. She mainly works in porcelain and photography, and preferably a combination of both. The first of her ongoing project “Phottery” hangs at the National Museum.

Cecilie Haaland has lived in Lofoten since 1995, is a trained craftsman and potter through an apprenticeship for many years and has run her own workshop since 1991. She owns and runs the Engelskmannsbrygga gallery and workshop community in Henningsvær.

Haaland has participated in a number of exhibitions, both at home and abroad. She has received several scholarships, such as The government’s 3-year work grant, and has held several positions of trust on the board of Norske Kunsthåndverkere Nord Norge, was chairman of the board of Nord Norsk Kunstnersenter and currently sits on the board of Nord Norsk Art Museum. In addition, she is the project owner of the business network Lofoten Art Galleries.

Engelskmannsbrygga is Cecilie Haaland’s heart child – a living arts and crafts center located on the square in Henningsvær in Lofoten. Haaland has been the owner and active craftsman at Engelskmannsbrygga since 1997.

The Glassblower
Heidi Kristiansen

Heidi lives in Lofoten and works in Henningsvær. She share a glass studio in Engelskmannsbrygga with Mette Paalgard.

Quote: “Through a rigorous transformation with references, Heidi Kristiansen refers to the history of sculpture in a material that is difficult to master.”

Heidi started her craft as a Glass Blowing Artist at “Glas skolan i Kosta”, in Sweden, in 2003 – 2006. Then continued at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design, Bornholm, Denmark from 2006 – 2009.

Heidi’s art has been showcased at various such as “Glasstilstander / States of Glass”, NNKS, Svolvær, Norway in 2021, Pop up exhibition with Reddymade, BAR’n, Kjetil Berge, Kvalnes, Norway 2021, and “Nord og never”, member exhibition NKNN, Galleri Nord Norge, Norway in 2020. And plenty of others in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

  • Her collection “Bubbleicious” was acquired for KODE, Vestlandske kunstindustrimuseum, Norway.
  • Prize: 2009, 2nd place Juvenarte, Norway.
  • Member of 2009 The Norwegian Association for Arts and Crafts (Norske kunsthåndverkere), Norway.

The Glassblower
Mette Paalgard

Mette lives in Lofoten and works at Engelskmannsbrygga in the glass studio with Heidi and the rest of the team.

Mette started on her glassblowing art adventure in 2004, at Glasskolan i Kosta in Sweden. She completed in 2007 and continued on to further studies at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design, Bornholm, Denmark, graduating in 2010.

She has been a busy artist. Since 2019, she has had 3 different workshops (Sweden and USA). And her latest exhibitions include: “Blåst glass”, Glasslåven, Hadeland – “Spriten inviterer”, Spriten Kunsthall – “Glassets år! Et øyeblikksbilde av norsk glasskunst”, Galleri lille Kabelvåg – “Galleri Syningen”, Ål kulturhus – North Over, Pop-up exhibition, Norwegian Icons/Fuglen Tokyo, Japan. And the list goes on!

  • Co-founder of Kristiansen & Paalgard, Engelskmannsbrygga, Henningsvær, Norway.
  • Work experience includes various internships since 2005, in places such as Glasshytta i Vivestad, Norway, Dam og Karlslund, Denmark, Yuken Teruya, New York/Japan, and Baldwing & Guggisberg, Paris, Fance – to name a few.
  • A member of The Norwegian Association for Arts and Crafts, (Norske kunsthåndverkere), Norway.
  • Published Kunstnerportrettet Dølaminne 2015.
  • Presented at the GAS Conference i Seattle 2011 for S12 in collaboration with the Norwegian Association for Arts and Craft.

The photographer
John Stenersen

Started her own workshop in 1991 and came to Lofoten in 1995. She got skin in the game, and plenty of art to show for it.

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