A treasure hunt through Lofoten’s niche shops

Are you looking for a special reminder of your trip in Lofoten? At these unique niche shops, you will find everything from art to food – only sold at Lofoten’s unique, small shops.

Do you need a gift for a loved one, or perhaps something you plan to keep for yourself?

A unique product is a good choice, regardless of whether it’s a work of art, an ornament, an item of clothing or a locally produced delicacy. You will discover products you can’t buy elsewhere and, at the same time, you will be supporting the small shops that make sure that Lofoten is precisely Lofoten.

Where can you find the most unique treasures in Lofoten? Which niche shops offer inspiration during your trip around the Lofoten Islands?

Niche shops

Check out our best tips of where you can fill your shopping bag with unique clothes, locally produced handicrafts and local delicacies.

Local products

Check out our best tips of where you can fill your shopping bag with unique clothes, locally produced handcrafts and local delicacies.

Lofoten knitwear and environmentally friendly shopping

Have you ever heard of Lofoten lamb? Well, where there are lambs, there must be sheep – and where there are sheep, you will find wool.

In fact, wool is one of Lofoten’s oldest exports. Consequently, there is a long-established knitting culture in the Lofoten Islands.

If you want a unique woolly experience, we recommend visiting Ragnhild Lie at here local business Lofoten Wool in Stamsund. You will be able to buy wonderful woollen products and yarn of the finest quality and even greet the sheep that the wool comes from.

If you don’t make it to Stamsund, there is no need to despair. You will no doubt visit Henningsvær during your Lofoten holiday. Lofoten Wool has a sales outlet there, where you can buy everything from yarn to mittens and woollen sweaters.

Art treasures from Lofoten

The raw and beautiful surroundings make the Lofoten islands a favourite place for creative souls. Whether you prefer visual art, jewellery, glassblowing or sculptures, it’s easy to find something that is made in – and inspired by – Lofoten.

If you wish to experience art from Lofoten, there are several galleries you should visit. Galleri 2Galleri Dagfinn Bakkeand Lille Kabelvåg all provide an opportunity to buy beautiful art from Lofoten.

If you only have one day available and want to see as much local art as possible, don’t miss the North Norwegian Art Centre (NNKS) in Svolvær. This centre features a collection of works by virtually all craftsmen and artists in Lofoten, making it a perfect place to experience Northern Norwegian art.

Jewellery, glass and ceramics

If you are more interested in wearable art, you should check out Catrine Linder’s gallery in Henningsvær – aptly named 925 Catrine Linder. In a former radio studio, Linder designs and makes necklaces, bracelets and earrings from recycled materials. It’s good for nature and will look good on you.

Glass also plays an important role in Lofoten, and the archipelago has several galleries focusing on glassblowing and glass art. In scenic surroundings on the island of Flakstad, you can visit Glasshytta Vikten, which is now run by the son of Northern Norway’s first glassblower.

Do you want to make your own glass beads? If so, we recommend a visit to Lofoten Glass in Kabelvåg. 

Another place where you can freely express your creative side is Engelskmannsbrygga in Henningsvær. This workshop cooperative consists of two glassblowers, a photographer and a ceramist. Many visitors leave with small treasures in the form of fascinating ceramic, photographic and glass art.

Local delicacies

Lofoten is situated in the middle of Norway’s most delicious food region. The Northeast Arctic cod (skrei) and the annual Lofoten fishery have played an important part in the Norwegian food tradition for centuries – and stockfish was one of the country’s earliest export products.

If you want a close-up experience of the Lofoten fishery, check out these unique places to stay and follow in the footsteps of the traditional Lofoten fishermen. You can stay in the same cabins as they lived in and naturally you will have a chance to see if the fish are biting.

The culinary selection in Lofoten is like an amphibian, crawling up from the sea and onto the land. Lofoten lamb, delicious farm food, homemade cheeses and local breweries form a diverse culinary culture that will both excite and surprise. You can taste and buy award-winning cheeses at the farm Aalan Gård or the farm cheese factory Lofoten Gårdsysteri.

By the way…

There is far more to shopping in Lofoten than art, food and clothes. You can also visit sports, fashion and vintage shops, dine at delicious restaurants, visit museums (and museum shops!) and much, much more.

If you check out our ultimate guide to shopping in Lofoten, you will be sure to find something to wear and to satisfy your taste buds.