Ski touring in Lofoten

Lofoten is an Eldorado for people who appreciate unique ski touring adventures and the good life.

Spectacular snow-capped mountains arranged like pearls on a string out at sea. Views that take your breath away. A rich cultural life that offers local food, comfortable accommodation, and varied activities when it’s time to rest tired thighs.

In Lofoten, you can ski in powder snow from mighty alpine peaks all the way down to the pebbles on the beach. There is a good reason why going on a ski touring adventure in the Lofoten islands is on the bucketlist of many ski enthusiasts.

Skiing in Lofoten with local mountain guide / #peopleoflofoten

Unique experience

It sounds like a romantic cliché but going ski touring on the mountain in powder snow and looking down on the boats taking part in the annual Lofoten fishery while an eagle sails over you is absolutely outstanding


“Going skiing on an island where you are surrounded by the sea on all sides is a special experience,” says Mountain guide Seth Hobby, who has lived in Lofoten since 2010. He owns the guide company Northern Alpine Guides, which runs the Lofoten Ski Lodge at Nyvågar in Kabelvåg. This unique concept offers ski guiding, food and accommodation in one package.

Use a guide

Even if you have good skiing skills, it is still something else to ski off the beaten track. There are many factors to consider, including avalanche danger, route choice and where to find the best snow.

At Lofoten Ski Lodge, the guides gather for a daily morning meeting. Then the weather, the snow cover, choice of tour and other things are discussed. If you are on a trip with a guide, the trip will be both safer, educational and more efficient. One aspect that many people are not aware of is that an experienced guide takes the easiest track upwards. By not going too steeply, and by keeping a steady and calm pace, your energy is saved and can be used where you want it most, namely for the descent!

A Ski Touring destination with a diverse range of offerings

Most companies offering guided skiing in Lofoten are located in the east, in Svolvær, Kabelvåg and Henningsvær. And you can choose from a number of accommodation options in this region of Lofoten. However, some accommodations stand out, offering summit tours as part of their experience and are recommended for a magical social atmosphere throughout your stay:

Sail and Ski Experiences

Explore the magnificent island landscape in Lofoten with skiing from a sailboat – an unparalleled experience! Lofoten is known as one of the world’s most spectacular archipelagos, and the combination of powder snow and sailing offers you the ultimate winter magic.

Annual Winter Sports Events

Lofoten Skimo, a remarkable randonee race set in the snowy landscapes of Lofoten. Held in week 11, this true adventure race will take you across spectacular mountains and ridges. Additionally, a special children’s race is organized on Saturday. Click the link below to learn more about this extraordinary event and be part of an arctic adventure like no other!

Rapid weather changes

The ski season in Lofoten lasts from February to May. After a month of darkness, the sun rises again around January 6. This means bright days from the end of February, and hopefully a lot of snow. Due to its coastal location, it rarely gets very cold in Lofoten, and it can rain even at high altitude in the middle of winter. The weather might also change quickly. There can be big local differences, and you have to be prepared for violent weather changes that can change a day of sun and clear skies into blowing snow, strong winds and zero visibility.

Nature and culture go hand in hand

What sets Lofoten apart from other ski touring destinations is this special combination of easily accessible skiing in unique coastal nature and large selection of restaurants and accommodation. This creates a great atmosphere for your ski holiday. What makes a wonderful experience even richer is the fact that you can also surf, fish for the famous Northeast Arctic cod, go on a white-tailed eagle safari or enjoy a sauna and a refreshing dip in the sea. The skiing is not only of the highest quality, but a winter visit to Lofoten is a gift in its own right!


The Lofoten mountains are not the highest you can experience. Some of the skiing peaks edge over 1,000 m but most are only 700-800 m high. This means that you can reach several peaks in one day and plan wonderful excursions involving a lot of beautiful and varied terrain. If you only have 2-3 hours available, you can still enjoy a fully worthy ski tour.

Lofoten offers ski tours to suits every level and taste. Even though at first glance the mountains undeniably look steep, there are many wonderful options for beginners or those who prefer gentler slopes.

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