The Pre Christmas Adventure in Henningsvær

There is something magical that happens when the polar night falls over Lofoten

Between the colourful autumn and the red, glittering Christmas there is a hidden treasure. It is blue, a bit cold – and totally wonderful. Experience the Pre-Christmas Adventure in Henningsvær.

It has almost been a little secret between us who live here, but now we wish to share it with you. So please listen carefully: Once the leaves have fallen off the trees, the nicest time of all will begin. This is when you experience the real Pre-Christmas Adventure.

– I think this is the most exotic time you can experience. No matter where in the world you come from, you may have an idea of what to find north of the Arctic Circle. Northern Light. The eternal blue hours. The unpredictable weather. The summer is beautiful almost everywhere, also here, but only the north of Norway has this, says Cecilie Haaland, the ceramist who started to organize the Pre-Christmas Adventure.

From Henningsvær (Hallvard Kolltveit)

Something for everyone

The whole thing has become so much more than just a time of year. Local businesses have been working hard to create a lot of activity and a genuine northern Norwegian atmosphere from the beginning of November until Christmas.

– It started when some of the local handicraft businesses asked themselves: When is the most beautiful time of the year here in the north? And they agreed that it is in November when colours turn blue. It is during the polar night when you see the play of colours appearing when the sun gets up and says goodbye at the same time. This is what we wanted to show to the whole world, so we created this adventure, says Haaland.

Today, the Pre-Christmas Adventure is an event with concerts, activities, lights in the streets and shops open all weekend. There is an abundance of local food and arts and crafts.

From Henningsvær (Hallvard Kolltveit)

Plenty on offer 

And even if this is an adventure that takes place before Christmas, this does not mean that the Christmas spirit does not sneak up on you if you decide to visit during December.

– We have beautiful pre-Christmas trees in the shopping streets, we organize a Christmas disco for children and you can meet Santa Clause in the village square on the weekends. If you want to be early with the Christmas gifts, you can buy authentic gifts not found anywhere else. Locally produced gifts, if you like.  

Santa Clause may turn up before Christmas EvePhoto: Destination Lofoten / Hallvard Kolltveit

Hjørnevik’s personal recommendation is to spend a whole weekend in Lofoten if you want to experience a magical pre-Christmas time. You need this much time to make sure you do not miss out on everything that goes on. 

– Maybe there is a good concert you do not want to miss, and you should definitely visit both of the art galleries, she says and adds:

– Start your visit by the information kiosk at the main parking area. They will offer you a free glass of warm mulled wine and a quiz sheet. Pick one of the blue kick sleds and let the adventure begin. 

For updates on what is going on, visit Førjulseventyret on Facebook.

From Henningsvær and Fiskekrogen (Hallvard Kolltveit)

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