Hoven (367 m.a.sl.)

A solitary, beautiful mountain rises from the flat marshlands on the island of Gimsøya. This is an easy walk that offers wonderful experiences. In summer, it’s a superb place to experience the Midnight Sun.


Lofoten Links golfbane. Parkering ved starten av stien, 300 meter vest for golfbanens klubbhus.


Mai – desember, avhengig av snøforholdene.


2 km én vei


367 moh


1 time én vei



Hoven is a favourite for families with children (NB: only children who are used to walking in the mountains – read more below) and people wishing to soak up the golden rays of the Midnight Sun from the top of a mountain. With views of beautiful, white sandy beaches just below, this hike offers a wonderful experience for relatively little effort.

Route description

The path starts by the golf course car park and crosses the marshland area in the direction of the mountain. It can be wet here after rain. The ascent starts in easy, gentle hiking terrain. Follow the clear route uphill. The path is generally good and the ascent gradual. However, there are a couple of steeper and rocky sections along the way.

The final stretch to the top is a parade march. You can expect 360-degree panoramic views offering stunningly beautiful visual impressions. From the summit of Hoven, you have incredible views of Lofoten’s diverse mountains and out towards the open sea in the north.

This is an excellent place to experience the Midnight Sun if you choose to hike up on a fine summer evening. You can watch the sun slowly approaching the sea surface and, instead of taking an ice-cold bath, appearing to change its mind and rise into the sky to light up a new day in this paradise on Earth.

This is an easy hike in spectacular surroundings that can easily prove to be your favourite hiking trip of your holiday. 

Natural gem

Hoven is surrounded by a large wetland area with a rich bird life. Part of this marshland areas is protected as part of the Gimsøy nature reserve. The northern coast of the island has several beautiful white sandy beaches, which are perfect for a refreshing dip in the sea after your hike. While you are in the area, you can also have a relaxing sauna at the nearby farm, Hov Gård, or ride along the beach on an Icelandic horse.

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