Welcome to Skrova, just 30 minutes by ferry from Svolvær, and a nice express boat ride from Bodø.

Authentic and unique in Skrova

Skrova has gained a reputation for being the new cultural hotspot in Lofoten. The island is also referred to as the Photo Island and the Hawaii of Lofoten. The small island, located in the middle of Vestfjorden, has the least rainfall and the most hours of sunshine in all of Lofoten, along with numerous permanent exhibitions by prominent photographers. This is a great starting point for exploring the island with small excursions, as well as a hike in the mountains or to the pristine white beaches.

Authentic and unique, it is home to just under 200 sociable permanent residents and an active business community where the main industries are salmon farming, fishing, and whaling. Despite the small population, you will find several accommodations, restaurants, a pub, galleries, a bakery, a sausage maker, a shop, a school and kindergarten, a multi-purpose hall, and its own music corps.

Do like many others and experience the tranquility of Skrova!

Stuff to do on Skrova

How to travel to Skrova?

  • You can travel by plane to Evenes (bus/car to Svolvær), Bodø, or Svolvær.
  • Take the express boat from Bodø – Skrova – Svolvær (foot passengers only).
  • Take the ferry from Svolvær (Osan) – Skrova – Skutvik (leave your car for your visit to Skrova).
  • Check out the timetables for ferry times here, and for the express boat here. Please note that the ferry departs from Svolvær ferry terminal and the express boat from Svolvær express boat terminal.