Lofoten Code of Conduct

Welcome to Lofoten, the world’s most beautiful islands!
Please be considerate of your surroundings by following these simple guidelines. This way, you can be sure that your visit does not
diminish other people’s experience.

Lofoten Code of Conduct
  1. CAMP IN DESIGNATED AREAS (see map here)
  2. LEAVE NO TRACE – Avoid leaving traces in nature, such as cairns, tent pegs etc. Allow others to have the same great experience that you’ve had.
  4. THROW WASTE IN THE WASTE BINS – If you are in an area without bins, bring your waste with you until you can dispose of it.
  5. USE PUBLIC TOILETS – If none are present, go in the ocean or dig a pit in the ground (bring paper with you, and cover the hole). Avoid using wet wipes, as they take a long time to decompose.
  6. RESPECT PRIVATE PROPERTY – Camping closer than 150 metres from an occupied house or cabin is forbidden. You can only camp on cultivated land if you have an agreement with the land owner.
  7. BE CONSIDERATE IN TRAFFIC – The roads in Lofoten are narrow, yet many use them. Keep well clear of cyclists when passing them. Be especially mindful of bicycles in tunnels.
  8. BAN ON FIRES – During the summer months, there is a general ban on open fires. Use designated sites for fire, and make sure there is no risk of a forest fire.
  9. RESPECT WILDLIFE – Avoid disturbing animals unnecessarily. Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times.
  10. IN THE INTEREST OF THE ENVIRONMENT, as well as your own experience and safety, we recommend activites organised by a tour operator. You can find a list of such organisers at www.visitlofoten.com.