Hike to Håheia at Værøy (438 m)


One of the gems at Værøy, Håheia – or Håen, is a very popular mountain hike on the island.

Information about Håheia
• Parking:in Rømdalen.
• Season:April – October.
• Distance:5 km (one way).
• Altitude:438 metres above sea level.
• Duration:2-3 hours (round trip).
• Difficulty: Easy walk suitable for all.
• Starting point:From Sørland at Værøy.

Easy walk suitable for the whole family
Håheia is the second highest mountain at Værøy. To get to Håheia (or Håen), you start the hike at the part of the island called Sørland. You follow the path in Rømdalen until you come to the first curve on the road towards the radar station. From here you find a good path leading to the top. The path crosses the road a few times on the way. You get a great view towards Sørland on the way up, which is the main village at Værøy. The path follows an even upward climb all the way to the top.

Old eagle houses
On the way towards Håen you get a beautiful view of Sørland, Mosken and the east part of Lofotodden. You can also see restored eagle houses along the way. In the old times, local people used to catch the eagles with their bare hands by hiding in these stone houses. From the top of Håen you also get a spectacular view towards Måstad and Måhornet. Måstad used to be inhabited until the 1200s – and remains have been found from settlements dating back to the 900s. The view from the top of Håheia is unique and if you have seen the pictures from this place, you will understand what we talk about: The azure blue ocean and the chalk white beaches surrounded by steep mountains on each side. On the way back down, you can follow the same path or you can continue towards Hornet and then go down to Nordland.

Frequently asked questions:
Is this walk suitable for families?
This walk is suitable for everyone and it is perfect for families. But please take good care of the children on the top, where there are steep cliffs. And do not go into the tunnels on the road to the radar station because of the risk of rock falls!
Is it possible to drive a car all the way up?
The road is closed for cars and most people leave the car when they arrive at Værøy. Take a walk and enjoy the views!
Is this a long and difficult hike?
No, this is a walk that is suitable for everyone and the path is good. For most people the walk takes about an hour one way.
Is this walk suitable for people with a fear of heights?
Yes, the walk is suitable for most people, but there are steep cliffs on the top, so do not walk to the edge of the cliffs if you are scared of heights.
How do you go to Værøy?
You get to Værøy by taking the Moskenes ferry over to Værøy, either from Bodø or Moskenes. There are also daily helicopter departures from Bodø to Værøy.

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