Trip to Åndhammarn at Røst (11 m)


Røst consists of 365 islands and is located ca 100 km away from the mainland. The nearest island to Røst is Værøy. Røstlandet is the name of the island with the biggest population and the highest point here is called Åndhammarn.

Information about Åndhammarn
• Parking: At Ystnes.
• Season: All year.
• Distance: 5 km (one way).
• Altitude: 11 metres above sea level.
• Duration: 5 – 2 hours (round trip).
• Difficulty: Easy walk, suitable for everyone.
• Starting point: Ystnes.

Røst – at the very end of Lofoten
The path marked in blue at Røstlandet goes to Åndhammarn. The path is ca 1.5km one way and it is suitable for everyone.

Åndhammarn is only 11 metres high, so it is not a big climb. But still, there is a lot to see and there is no shortage of beautiful nature or bustling bird life at Røst.
The walk starts at Ystnes, where you find a very good path that you can follow all the way. The path takes you through flat and open marshland and a groundwater area which is completely sheltered from the sea.
You will notice that the vegetation in this area is very diverse. This is due to the great variation in the salinity in such a small area.
Before you reach Åndhammarn, you will walk past the old church ruins from 1835, and then you will arrive at the highest viewpoint at Røstlandet.
If you want to continue from here, you can follow the path marked in red that goes to Ystøran, but you need to be aware of the tidal water, as the path may be covered when the tide is high. If you follow this path, it will take you through a protected nature area which is used as sheep pasture. This area is also an important migration area for birds – please be considerate and follow the marked paths.

Åndhammarn, eagle or spirit?
Many people may think that the name Åndhammarn comes from a belief that there were spirits (ånd) on this hill, but there is no evidence to suggest this belief. The word «ånd» is derived from «Ørn»-«ond»(Eagle), which is how they wrote it in the old days.
There used to be many eagles nesting in this area and you can often see flocks of eagles circling around Åndhammarn – a fantastic sight! You can also find texts from the literature park displayed several places at Røst, and at Åndhammarn you will find a text from «Sagnet om Røst» (the Legend of Røst), which is written by Asbjørnsen & Moe.

Frequently asked questions:

Is the walk suitable for families?
The walk is easy and it is perfect for the whole family.

How do you go to Røst?
There are daily ferry departures to Røst and flights 1-2 times a day from Bodø.

Are there buses at Røst?
No, there are no public buses at Røst.

Is there a lot of birds at Røst?
Yes, Røst has a rich and varied bird life and Europe’s biggest colony of sea birds.

Can I bring a dog?
Yes, there is no problem taking a dog, but because of the rich bird life, please remember to keep the dog on a leash in the period of 01.04 – 20.08.

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