Hurtigruten calls Lofoten

For many, travelling to Lofoten by Hurtigruten is a journey steeped in history. Hurtigruten (often referred to in English as the Coastal Express) has transported goods and passengers along the Norwegian coast since 1893 on more than 100 ships. Even today the local population comes to the quay to greet the ship and passenger when it sails in.

Hurtigruten sails in open and confined waters, and it is not without reason that travellers have designated Hurtigruten the “world’s most beautiful voyage”. You can go on board at the port of call that suits you best, and sail to Lofoten from places both large and small. Hurtigruten is more than a means of transportation; it is a bearer of coastal heritage.

Day trip with Huritgruten when visiting Lofoten

A wonderful travel experience is travel on Hurtigruten through Raftsundet and into the famous Trollfjord. Take the bus from Svolvær (12.30 pm) to Stokmarknes. You can visit the Hurtigruten Museum before going on board the southbound Hurtigruten ship (3.15 pm) that will sail you back down to Lofoten. Remember to book tickets on board the relevant ship before you leave as this popular stretch can be fully booked during busy periods. Valid identification is also required when you enter the ship.

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Stamsund 7pm – 7.30pm

Svolvær 9pm – 10pm


Svolvær 6.30pm – 8.30pm

Stamsund 10pm – 10.30pm


Tlf: +47 77 59 70 54


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