About Værøy

Værøy has everything typical of Lofoten. Midnight sun, Northern Lights, white sandy beaches, a rich bird life and a rich fishing history, all while still being a lively fishing village.

Værøy -diverse
Bilder fra Værøy (Remi Johansen)

Værøy – an exotic gem in Lofoten

Sørland is the center of Værøy where you will find accommodation, grocery stores, restaurants, handicrafts and antiques.

Værøy is located in the sea between Moskenes in the north and Røst in the south. Between Moskenes and Værøy lies the world’s strongest maelstrom, Moskenesstraumen.

Naturally, the largest industry on the island is fishing and due to the climate it is perfect for stockfish production. The stockfish trade with foreign countries has led to Venice becoming Værøy’s friendship municipality.

The special mountains on Værøy are steep, but at the same time easy to walk in. The most famous mountain hike is Håheia. The prize is a fantastic panoramic view of Lofoten and the Vestfjord. From here you can also see the abandoned place Måstad where the rare Puffin dog comes from. It is also possible to go to Måstad. Starting point from Nordlandshagen and the closed airport.

On Værøy you can see Lofoten’s oldest church, bird cliffs and old eagle trapping caves where eagles were caught with just their hands.

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How to travel to Værøy

The ferries «M / F Landegode», «M / F Værøy» and «M / S Bodø» make it possible to travel by car between Bodø, Værøy, Røst and Moskenes.

In the summer, we recommend travelers by car to book a place in advance, as there is at times heavy traffic with the ferry. Get more info on our ferry and express boat page.

There is also a daily Helicopter between Bodø and Værøy.

Accommodation on Værøy