Moskenes Island

Learn more about Moskenes municipality and all of its natural wonders

Welcome to Moskenes municipality

On Moskenes Island you’ll find Lofoten’s most dramatic landscape. Here the mountains plunge straight into the sea, while small bridges connect the small islands. There is a distinctive feeling of closeness between you, the mountains, and the sea.

Glaciers and other natural forces have shaped the landscape, which is among the wildest and most interesting Norway has to offer with Hermannsdalstind at its 1029 masl. as the highest mountain in the area.

It is close to both nature and culture, and thousands have captured this intense interplay in both images and text through the ages. Reine in Lofoten is one of Norway’s most photographed areas, and constantly wins in competitions and awards.

Live in traditional fisherman’s cabins in places such as Hamnøy, Reine, Sørvågen, Tind or Å. Å is located farthest west, and is for many the end-destination of their visit to Lofoten.

The islands and villages in Moskenes

Moskenes is perhaps most famous for Reine, but there are several beautiful small regions and villages within Moskenes municipality. Explore the pages below to learn more, and to find out where to eat, sleep, and what you can do here.

Natural attractions in Moskenes

Lofotodden National Park is Norway’s youngest national park, and houses some of the most dramatic landscape we have in Lofoten. The park offer tranquil experiences like no other.

Reinebringen is one of the most popular hiking trails in Norway, and is only accessible in the summer and fall season.

Bunes Beach – A remote ancient beach inside Lofotodden National Park.