Welcome to Moskenes

In Moskenes you will find Lofoten’s most dramatic landscape. Here the mountains plunge straight into the sea, small bridges connect the small islands. There is a distinctive feeling of closeness between you, the mountains, and the sea.

Glaciers and other natural forces have shaped the landscape, which is among the wildest and most interesting Norway can offer with Hermannsdalstind at its 1029 masl. as the highest mountain in the area.

It is close to both nature and culture, and thousands have captured this intense interplay in both images and text through the ages. Reine in Lofoten is one of Norway’s most photographed areas, and constantly wins in competitions and awards.

Live in traditional fisherman’s cabins in places such as Hamnøy, Reine, Sørvågen, Tind or Å. Å is located farthest west, and is for many the destination of their visit to Lofoten. In the mosques there are galleries, museums, small shops and opportunities for fishing or kayaking. Local food is served at a number of eateries, and local foods are sold from outlets often where they are produced or nearby. It also offers a number of festivals and events that take place every year.

To Moskenes you can come by ferry to Sørvågen from Bodø, Røst or Værøy, or along the country road on E10.